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165 pints in 120 days: Geologist travels 3,000 miles across Europe on 'world's longest pub crawl'

Two geology graduates walked over 3,000 miles across 12 countries in Europein five months on a budget of £2,000 to complete the 'Longest Pub Crawl in the World' enjoying A TikTok sensation with over 10 million views and her 130,000 followers.

Refusing to allow "dark career prospects" to dampen their spirits after graduating in June, each hikes with sandals his boots, T-shirts, shorts, jackets, , and armed only with three. Harry Bellow, 24, and her 25-year-old Elliot Blake began their epic journey with their best mates, socks.

Less than two months into the journey from Holland to Turkeyhe has already sunk 165 pints. Both are from United States

. } and met at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas – leaving Blumendahl Aansee, Holland on June 14, 2022 to his final destination, Istanbul, Turkey, by his October about 120 days later I hope to arrive at

Harry, who is dating student Chloe Campo, 24, said: It has changed lives.

"Elliott and I wanted to see the world in a different way. I think the world's longest pub crawl is the way to go."

December 2021, Both of them were frustrated with their post-university careers, so in December 2021, the pals, who enjoyed their shared love of the outdoors, began talking about strolling across Europe.

Pint of Hoxter, Germany (Collect/PA Real Life)

I wanted to immerse myself in nature and wake up to see Europe.

``We met once a week just to discuss what to do. We were only allowed to stay in the Schengen area, which covers most of Europe, for only 90 days. This was difficult as the tourist visa limit is 90 days.

"We were arrested at the border. I didn't want to, so I chose some non-Schengen countries like Croatia."

Chloe and Harry (Collect/PA Real Life)

We finally decided on a 3,200-mile route in May. It passed through her 12 countries: Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Greece and finally Turkey.

Starting at 20 feet above sea level in the Netherlands, the highest point in early October is 9,555 feet above sea level on Mount Mussala, the highest peak in Bulgaria's Rila Mountains.

Their journey takes them through stunning sunny Croatian beaches and the Austrian Alps.

Mariazell Biel, Austria (Collect/PA Real Life)

Talking about the excitement leading up to the trip, Harry said: said to I wanted to see the world, full of wanderlust. I grew up in a suburban bubble and wanted to see what was there. Because I knew it would be a very long time and it would be painful.

"I couldn't wait to see all the scenery, but I was nervous.

"It wasn't real until we were in Holland and started walking."

Sleeping in Halle, Germany (Collect/PA Real Life)

Planning to spend just £400 a month  – on food and mostly beer – they walked about 25 miles a day with a 70 liter rucksack rice field.

Sleeping in tents and peasant homes they met along the way, they invited them to shower and eat, and even offered to wash their clothes. It was "underwhelming".

He added:

"In every town I've passed, I've been treated very well by random people." (Collect/PA Real Life)

So far they have traveled 1,200 miles and are now prowling Slovenia.

And there were already bumps, blisters and bruises along the way, but Harry said it was worth it because he was speechless at the many spectacular views.

He said: All windows are open and there are flowers everywhere.

Enjoying Slovenian beer (Collect/PA Real Life)

He added: It was almost romantic.

"And we've been battling blisters on our feet and they're so beautiful."

So far they've endured extreme temperatures. For example, in Prahatice, Czech Republic, he's had severe sunshine near 40 degrees, and in Rheinsteig, Germany, freezing cold rain with temperatures dropping to around 8 degrees.

Countryside Germany (Collect/PA Real Life)

hot summer. "

One of the perks of this trip was the wide variety of lagers, ales and pilsners we enjoyed toasting a great trip.

Partner Molly McCullough, 25, is a student Elliot, who has been enjoying beer on all but three days so far, said he drank more than 165 pints in those two days.

Molly and Elliot (Collect /PA Real Life)

His favorite drink so far has been a refreshing Chodvar dark beer, Hodva Plana from the Czech Republic.

He is next

"I wasn't drunk, but I drank a lot of beer."

(Collect/PA Real Life)

He added: Couldn't find beer where we were in Germany and Austria on Sunday, so don't drink. "

You can follow the pair's journey on TikTok and his Instagram @harrycows.