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Advertisement for Father's Day promotion featuring Fred West photo banned

Father's Day promotional ads featuring photos of serial killer Fred West may cause severe or widespread discomfort or distress was banned because

Her June email of her live dissection event called The Vivit Experience, held by ITAE Productions, was titled She's Under The Patio and included a photo of West. It was

The text states: Twelve young women were murdered in Gloucester. "

It continued: "One of their victims was their own daughter... When that daughter went missing, they often said that she It's buried under the patio,' he joked. This Father's Day is her 10% off.

Google believes this ad causes unreasonable distress and causes significant and widespread discomfort.

ASA spokesperson

The button below reads, "Visit Fred West's blog here. ” was written. The ad also featured an image of a body with its stomach cut open, revealing its organs.

Three readers complained that the ads were likely to cause severe or widespread discomfort.

ITAE Productions did not believe the ad was offensive, adding that West was "notorious for murder, but he was also a father and this was related to his crimes."

They said they believed it would be socially acceptable to share relevant histories if there was a factual or direct connection between the two.

ITAE also said that "she's under the patio" was cited by West as a "family joke" and consumers were familiar with it.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) endorsed the complaint, stating that advertisers "must not use shocking claims or imagery merely to attract attention."

The ASA said:

"We understood that the subject line of the ad, 'She is under the terrace', referred to the murder of Heather West and the subsequent concealment of the body.

"We believed that using the murder of a young woman to shock readers into clicking on an ad was unjust and likely to lead to serious crime."


The ASA ruled that:

"Furthermore, we thought that the tone of the ad was frivolous, and that this approach not only downplayed the circumstances surrounding the murder of the victim, but also downplayed the gruesome and serious crime. Therefore, we have determined that this ad does not treat the victims of Fred West with respect or consideration.

"For these reasons, this ad causes undue distress and a serious and widespread attack." concluded that it is likely to cause