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Alex Jones 'texted nude photos of his wife to Donald Trump ally Roger Stone'

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones "intimate" photo of his wife, a notorious Republican political operative and ally of former President Donald Trump was reportedly sent.

Attorneys for Sandy Hook's parents have released details after reviewing Jones' phone calls over the past two years.

Jones previously told the audience on his InfoWars show thatin his defamation trial there was an intimate photo on his phone of his wife that had been erroneously handed to the plaintiff's attorney.

He did not mention that the photos were sent to former convicted felon Roger Stone, a Republican consultant and longtime friend of Trump.

"I'm a little worried about that, because that intimate photo was sent to Roger Stone, and I don't know if it was agreed upon," said Mark Banke. Lawyer Ston told The Young Turks in an interview Monday night. said. He said he was willing to give Jones the benefit of the doubt, but also said that "there was nothing to indicate that it [was consensual]." I have edited them for others to review.

Bankston also stated exactly how he believed Jones' defense counsel had mistakenly given him the contents of his cell phone.

"The truth is, your lawyer is crazy and doesn't do much with civil law," he said. "He didn't know how to take his client's information seriously or how to protect it.

"Because most trials have a discovery period during which this kind of secret is revealed. , there is no 'Perry Mason' moment," he added. "There was real poetic justice to it."

Bankston also cooperated fully with the House of Representatives' January 6 investigation and turned over its contents to the authorities. admitted that

"The judge gave me full clearance, so the privilege was waived," he said.

Jones was sued for libel by the parents of the victims of the Sandy His Hook School shooting, a case conspiracy theorists once claimed was a "hoax."

Jones was eventually ordered to pay a total of $49.3 millionto Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis, whose son Jesse Lewis was killed in the 2012 massacre.

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