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Alexander Boltnikov: "The Brain and Center of the Putin Administration" That May Become the Next President

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Alexander BortnikovandVladimirputinwere in their twenties when they met. Both have just graduated from the KGB Training School, the main security agency of the Soviet Union, and were located in Leningrad, now known as St. Petersburg, as offices. This was in the 1970s, and as the collapse of theSoviet Unionmaterialized, Putin's career also materialized.

Putin took Bortnikov with a few other carefully selected people. He is one of his closest aides today.

His role is to show how much Putin trusts him. He is the director of theFederal Security Service(FSB) and is tasked with keeping Russia's 144 million citizens in line. Not only does he protect domestic lands, seas and other territories.

Other than this, little is known about the man who is thought to play the second fiddle in the Kremlin. In the new "Shiroviki series", Express. co. uk investigates individuals within Putin's inner circle to find out their history and where they arrived.

Bortnikov was born in 1951 in the city of Perm, one of Russia's most idyllic metropolises, on the banks of the Kama River near the Urals.

Alexander Bortnikov is the head of the FSB

Alexander Bortnikov: Chief of Russia Security, he is the "brain" of the administration(Image: GETTY)

Alexander Bortnikov is said to be a close aide of Putin

Russia: Bortnikov makes a full statement on domestic security issues(Image: GETTY)

At just 15 years old, he joined what is known as Komsomol, the youth division of the Communist Party, and later graduated from the Leningrad Institute of Railroad Engineering in 1973.

After finishing his research, he soon joined theCommunist Partysecured his job as a railroad engineer in Gacchina.

However, this series of work did not last long, and in 1975 he signed the National Security Board (also known as the KGB).

For the next 28 years, he worked for the security agencies of the Soviet Union and, like many of his modern colleagues, acquired the skill sets needed to gain a strong grasp of Russia.

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, he remained in the security business and worked for the Federal Counterintelligence Agency (FSK), the successor to the KGB. The service later transformed into the current FSB and is now led by him.

His big break was in 2003 when Sergei Smirnov, head of the FSB in St. Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast, was sent to Moscow to act as acting director of the agency.

This was in the middle of a corruption scandalofthree whales. In this scandal, Russian government agencies were involved in a large smuggling corruption scandal.

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Bortnikov is part of Putin's inner circle

Silovik: Bortnikov is part of Putin's inner ring known as Silovik(Image: GETTY)

As a result, A major reorganization of officials has taken place. , And Bortnikov was pushed to play the role of Smirnov.

He proved himself and moved to Moscow a year later in 2004 to become the head of the FSB's Economic Security Service, one of the most serious branches within the FSB. ..

At about the same time, another member of Silovik, Express. co. Sergei Narshkin, who uk recently explored, has been moved from St. Petersburg to Moscow.

Bortnikov has since been one of the Kremlin's most central figures and is said to be one of Putin's only handful of trusted aides.

Philip Kovachevic, a professor of political and international studies at the University of San Francisco, analyzed Bortnikov just two days before Russia invaded Ukraine.

Writing for SpyTalk, he noted that the FSB through Boltinkov was "both the brain and heart of the Putin administration."

He continued: "The FSB's dominance over Russia's political, economic and social life is even greater than the KGB in the heyday of the Soviet Union and is unparalleled in national history {133. }

"The party nomenklatura to limit and suppress the ideology of communism and its power.

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Bortnikov is thought to have a direct line to Putin's ear

Vladimirputin: The FSB's head affects Putin(Image: GETTY)

Dmitry Medvedev, Russia's former president, and Bortnikov

Dmitry Medvejev: Former Russian President and Boltnikov at the 2009 Conference(Image: GETTY)

"And as an institution of Russian politics under Vladimirputin, the FSB is good at intervening in financial issues for the personal fulfillment of the supreme leaders, including the proven d Boltnikov and his family.

"He is arguably one of the wealthiest politicians in Russia.

Professor Kovačević makes a distinction when Bortnikov and his contemporaries finish their studies of the KGB.

Putin and Narishkin were selected for advanced foreign intelligence training at the Red Banner Institute in Moscow to hone their skills as spy agents and were later sent toEast Berlinand Brussels. However, Bortnikov was at home.

He writes: The appearance suggests that the latter was probably the case. "

The report said," Lt. Gen. Alexander Bortnikov of the FSB's Economic Security Service has been appointed to oversee the operation. "

Alexander Litvinenko in hospital in London after being poisoned

Alexander Litvinenko: Former FSB agent Putin Bortnikov was poisoned in London claiming to have ordered his death(Image: GETTY)

The only publication linking Bortnikov to the murder was the New Times. There wasn't.

Novaya Gazeta and Novaya Vremya were edited byDmitry Muratovand Yevgeniya Albats, respectively, both of which are at the heart of "very sensitive" political issues, including Litvinenko's addiction. It suggested that.

That same year, Bortnikov was involved in a monetary laundry case held by the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs in connection with the murder of Andrew Kozlov, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary of the Central Bank of Russia.

It is unknown if this happened, but the following year Boltonkov was appointed head of the FSB. Since

, Bortnikov has been regarded as one of the members of Silovik to be actively involved and perform. Putin's oppression of Russians at home and abroad.

Unlike many of his colleagues, he is said to be candid, candid and honest about this desire.

Ram Op Lasland, a Dutch analysis website, describes Bortnikov as follows: The executor of the Kremlin's political crackdown at home and the overthrow abroad.

"He also reportedly enjoys the normal lifestyle of senior Russian businessmen, and it is at least he that his son Dennis has surged to chair the VTB Bank. It is widely believed that it is due to the position of his father.

Sergei Naryshkin and Putin

Sergei Naryshkin: He is the director of Russia Foreign Intelligence Service(Image: GETTY)

"But by the standards of his peers, Bortnikov has a reputation as one. More personally honest numbers.

"In one FSB veteran's words, he is particularly pleased with what is happening in service, explicit corruption, disorder, and obvious mercenaries. No.

"But he doesn't know what to do about it and thinks it's not as important as doing a [political] job.

In addition to dealing with allegations of corruption and assassinations, Bortnikov has become involved in promoting what is considered Soviet.

In 2017, an open letter written by more than 30 Russian scholars was published in the newspaper Kommersant, beating him in an interview with Rossyskaya Gazeta in an attempt to justify the Stalinist Great Purge. I did.

From 1936 to 1938, in an attempt to consolidate power over states and political parties,Joseph Stalinbecame political opponents, military leaders, activists, ethnic minorities, and religious leaders. A series of genocide was carried out against it.

Little is known about Bortnikov's personal life

Private life: One for him I have children. His son and two retired brothers(Image: GETTY)

It is estimated that more than one million people have been killed. But some people are much higher than that number.

Bortnikov said the archive showed that the "important part" of the criminal case during that period "had an objective side to them."

Elsewhere, he is listed in Navalny 35, a compilation of names accused of human rights abuses, collected by Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny.

Recently, he was said by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) to be the number oneto replace Putinas President of Russia.

Claiming to have intercepted Russian intelligence, the SBU claims that a group of Russian elites assassinated Putin to stabilize the economy, resulting in a failed invasion of the country and subsequent sanctions from around the world. He said he was planning to rebuild relations with the West.

Like many of his fellow Silovik buddies, little is known about Bortnikov's private life.

He is married to Tatiana Bortnikov, and the couple has one son, Dennis Alexandrovich Bortnikov, who was born in 1974.

Dennis is the Deputy Director of VTB Bank, Russia's second largest financial institution. It is an institution and includes key figures in Russia's political class, including former First Deputy Prime Minister of Russia and former Finance Minister Anton Siluanov.

Bortnikov has a brother, a retired Army colonel, and a sister who is a pensioner.