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Alice Powell: Formula E simulator driver in 'full capacity' action to coach the next generation

Among the many championships and series in motorsportaround the world,Formula E has a particularly unique appeal for many reasons. There is no doubt that Aside from the all-electric championship's natural differences from its fossil-fueled cousins, and the sustainability focus that comes with the WorldTour, one of the FE's most defining characteristics is that in cities where racing is frequented every day, It is to be held. street.

So no fixed track, a race that needs to be assembled and dismantled quickly for each race weekend Sensation, and above all otherwise, a very flexible driver.

Unlike other championships, free practice, qualifying and the main race all take place on the same day, leaving little time for the driver to get used to the circuit. Additional information is paramount when familiarity is a competitive advantage.

So, not only the team behind the driver, but also the team behind the team has to play a big role. Analysts and strategists, engineers and mechanics, and drivers who spend countless hours testing and developing. Run laps in each team's simulator to collect data for use on the track.

For British Formula E team Envision, it's the job of Alice Powell, and with the help of everyone involved, his 5th place in the team rankings and the final weekend head to Season in Seoul

"Working at Silverstone, home of Envision, is great. Sims have a great group of people to help the team while they're in the field," he said. Powell told the Independent ahead of the campaign finale.

"Testing is limited and we can't attend circuits or races. It's a busy day and I really enjoy being a part of what happens in the races, going into the simulator with the team and relaying information to the people on the track.”

Many in the motorsport industry. Like any driver, Powell's talent has been proven in cross championships. She is currently in her second place in the 2022 W Her Seriesdriver rankings, following her previous win in Hungary.

Being able to carry her experience from one role to another has great benefits. FE has offered opportunities at trackside and at Envision HQ for the last few years.

"She has two streets her circuit in her W her series this year, so it should help with the Formula E simulation as well," she explained. "I've had the opportunity to drive a Formula E car a few times, but it's so much more at the wheel. You can't go full speed in a race. You have to regenerate energy and how to change strategy.

“I have been to Saudi Arabia and Marrakech with the team. It's a spectacular spectacle, with so much action on the track, fans get a lot for their money.”

Formula E is arguably the most progressive in the sport. It's one of the more inclusive environments, but more work needs to be done to encourage historically underrepresented groups to take on roles.

Powell, for example, is currently one of two female drivers, the other being Porsche reserve her driver Simona de Silvestro. But even as recently as the London E-Prix, the 'Girls on Track' initiative shows how Formula E encourages and supports opportunities exist for young women within motorsport. I'm here. to management or strategy.

(Envision Formula E)

It's becoming increasingly apparent across his racing spectrum, Powell says. increase. “Across motorsport (FE, W Series, F3) women are becoming more and more diverse in their roles. FE has female mechanics and Susie Wolff is a team principal for Venturi.

``They say it's very masculine. I thought I was superior and basically not confident enough to go to the same college course as many men. girls can confidently attend classes, take STEM subjects, and eventually learn about electric cars, engineering, and more.”

Powell said that young women need: Remaining well-positioned to talk about possible encouragement and guidance, her other role is as a mentor, including fellow W Series driver Abi Pullling,, commentary. Add in the work and the scouting of young drivers, and it's clear that Powell's plate is somewhat full even before he's even set foot in the car.

As for what happens next, with FE 2022 drawing to a close and the W Series with her four races left, Powell has no reason to imagine things going much quieter. .

“I really enjoy all the roles I have to play in Formula E and beyond. Opportunities abound in Formula E, endurance racing, Formula 1, etc.

“The season is coming to an end. See what we're heading towards Formula E is going to have a big change in Gen3 so I'm sure all the teams have a lot of simulator work going on it could be a busy winter for me

:: Season 8 of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship concludes with a doubleheader on August 13 and 14 in Seoul, South Korea