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BBC slams 'woke' boxticks by ex-Crimewatch host in ferocious attacks

Sue Cook says 'news gathering' at BBC is 'very disgraceful'

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From 1984 until 1995 he hosted the BBC One program Crimewatch, Sook He warned that the station's future "doesn't look very good." The 73-year-old said Beebe still made "some good drama" and praised foreign correspondents.

He accused the station of "not wanting to ask any questions."

sue cook bbc

Former Crimewatch presenter Sue Cooked criticized the BBC(Image: GB NEWS/GETTY)

"When the cast started, I woke up and checked all the boxes."

"Foreign correspondents are still second to none. People like Frank Gardner, Jeremy Bowen, Orla Guerin are great.

47} "But I think news gathering is a real shame.

"And they don't seem to want to ask any questions."

Farage He stressed to Cook that the word "shameful" is "a very strong word."

Doubling down, she replied: "It's a shame. Did no one ask why during the lockdown?

'You closed the school.'

"How will college students be affected if universities are closed?

64} BBC licence fee

BBC subscription fees over the last decade (Image: EXPRESS)

"Knife crime has increased. Was there any journalism about it?"

"In my day, you would have discovered the truth." 82}

Culture Secretary Nadine Dries wants a new funding model by 2027, when the BBC's charter is issued.

Ms Doris warned on Twitter in January that "the days of senior citizens being threatened with prison sentences and bailiffs knocking on their doors are over."


But she softened her tone when she addressed the House of Representatives a day later. Decisions about what the future funding model will look like are up for debate.

The BBC declined to comment.