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Boris Johnson News-Live: Partygate Inquiries Are Not "Kangaroo Courts", Truss Says

Boris Johnson compares Russia and Nazi Germany at the G7 Summit

Liz Trussinvestigates whetherBoris Johnsonlied to. The party gatecan be a "hanging court".

Prime Minister's allies use "hearsay evidence" against him, with theDaily Telegraphallowed whistleblowers to give anonymous evidence to the investigation. After saying that he was worried that he might be done.

However, Ms. Truss said Thursday morning, "I implicitly trust that my colleagues in Congress listen to the evidence properly and make the right decisions."

In this further investigation of Partygate, we will see if Johnson misunderstood Congress in a scandal and was officially launched this week.

VeteranLabor PartyMPHarriet Harmanwill take the lead after a failed bid to prevent the Tories from chairing the investigation.

Johnson will have to wait until the fall to face the grill from Congress's investigation, which leads the investigation.

In other news, in a poll showing that support for theConservative Party

{is declining, the prime minister has an early general election {35 Excluded calling. 37}

Key points


"Embarrassing" government 10,000 soldiers The Labor Party, which is reducing the number of troops, said it was "embarrassing" that the government had reduced 10,000 soldiers from the British army and sent more troops to NATO.

Shadow Secretary of State for Defense John Healey told Sky News early on the final day of the NATO summit in Spain

See some of his interviews below:


Ask John Healey anything Please: Boris Johnson's Future

Boris Johnson barely survived a confidence vote for his leadership earlier this month.

But questions about his future have intensified since then. Can he continue to fight another general election, and how can Tory MPs get rid of him?

Our Chief Political Critic, John Rentall, will answer all your burning questions at his "Ask Me Anything" event later today.

I had a question about the future of the Prime Minister. John Rentoul answers your question


"New" to reduce food Tariffs to Address the Cost of Living Crisis

Boris Johnson helped reduce food tariffs as a way to reduce living costs.

Prime Minister said his fellow world leaders have "new impetus" to reduce tariffs on food imports. rice field.

When asked if the living cost crisis would get worse before it improved, Johnson said, "I don't want to do that exactly.

"But what I mean is that it will continue to be a problem for some time.

" But we I think I'll find a solution. "


Parliamentarians have a baby in the House of Commons Not allowed to be taken to, reviews

MPs should not be allowed to take the baby to the House of Commons room during the debate.

In a protest against Labor Party Stella Creasy being told she could no longer take her baby son, a Procedural Commission report was ordered.

The group decides not to take the baby to the room or nearby Westminster Hall if the MP wants to "observe, start, speak, or intervene in the procedure." Did.

But they said there should be a "de facto degree of discretion" that "should be exercised sparingly."

However, the Commission returned to the "overwhelming balance of evidence" and extended the proxy vote for "serious long-term illness."


Truss rejects ideas}

Liz Truss investigates whether Boris Johnson's allies lied to Congress in a party gate scandal "Kangaroo Court", our deputy political editorRobmerickReport.

After announcing that whistleblowers could provide anonymous evidence of what the prime minister knows, 10 people launched a whisper campaign against important investigations. It doesn't look like.

The Prime Minister's allies have launched a whisper campaign against the investigation, but foreign secretaries Seeking "trust"


United Kingdom "War with the United States over Ireland" , Gordon Brown

An interview with Gordon Brown will be aired on Sky News tonight.

The former Prime Minister said in a preview that Britain was "in war" with both Europe and the United States.

"We are at war with the United States over Ireland because the United States will not sign a trade treaty with the United Kingdom unless we can resolve issues related to Ireland," he said.


The EU tells the UK to "go back to the table"

EU The UK has issued a petition to "return to the table" to resolve the crisis in Northern Ireland, as it caused enormous financial damage from Brexit.Robmericwrites.

In a speech in London, the Vice-Chairman of the European Commission joked that "I want to achieve Brexit" is now in Brussels, but London is in face-to-face negotiations with four people. Refused. Several months.

The Vice President of the European Commission hopes that Brussels will "end Brexit." London refuses to speak about Northern Ireland


Truss states that the government "does not speculate on elections"

Liz Truss states that the government "does not speculate on elections", but suddenly Refused to exclude the vote.

"We are focused on providing to the British people," the Foreign Minister told Sky News.

"We have faced the worst wars in Europe for decades. There is a pandemic aftershock, which has a huge impact around the world, and inflation is the people's. It has a huge impact on income and economic growth.

"We spend our time focusing on addressing these challenges rather than guessing about elections. "I'm spending."

When asked if the next election should be held on schedule in 2024, Mr. Tras said, "We are not thinking about it. Work I'm thinking of continuing. "


Truss does not say whether he agrees with Wallace on the defense budget

Liz Truss did not say whether Defense Minister Ben Wallace would agree to seek a significant increase in defense spending, but the budget was "fit for purpose." He said it must be a thing.

At the NATO summit in Madrid, the Foreign Minister told Sky News: Support our eastern allies.

Mr. Truss added: "I won't go into details about spending plan negotiations."


Male MP Tries the Menopause "Hot Flash Vest"-And Can't Take Heat

Male MPs have tried the vest that simulates the sensation of menopause hot flashes, but the heat I couldn't stand it.

Participating in an event to raise awareness of the surge in demand for hormone replacement therapy (HRT) drugs in the face of widespread shortages, politician-Wes Streeting , Stephen Kinnock, Nick Thomas-Simons-Weared clothing containing heated pads that are said to mimic troublesome and often debilitating symptoms.

"It's very unpleasant and enveloping heat," said Shadow Health Minister after trying on the vest.

"I don't know how to open up my life. I can't wait to take it off."

"Speech at the House of Commons and imagine a sudden hot flash. If [male] had this, we would complain a lot. Let's do it, "said a member of parliament