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UK debt on energy bill hits record £1.3bn as millions owe £206 each

Households already have a record energy debt of £1.3 billion. Expert projections show that next year's average bill will see him top £4,400.

Customers owe their energy suppliers nearly three times as much as they did last September, according to a study released today by price comparison website Uswitch.

The level of accumulated debt is even more concerning as households paying by monthly direct debit are typically credited at this time of year as gas usage is much lower during the summer months. .

Nearly a quarter of households (equivalent to 6 million households) now owe an average of £206 each to their energy providers, according to a Uswitch study, which has increased since late last winter. is 10% more.

The findings indicate that energy regulators have just over two weeks before Ofgem announces how much he will raise the price cap on 24 million homes from October 1. is done in

Tory lead candidate Liz Truss asked to set up an emergency living package with Rishi Sunak and Boris Johnson. (



Consultant Cornwall Insights, who ignored calls to seek The cap for typical standard rate customers jumped from £1,971 a year to £3,582 in the fall.

The new estimate puts him more than £200 higher than forecast just a month ago, following further increases in wholesale energy costs and changes recently announced by Ofgem.

Cornish Insight now predicts that the price cap will jump to an average of £4,266 in his January. This is more than £650 more than previous estimates and will be £4,426 annually next April.

This means that prices have skyrocketed by 124% in just 12 months.

Justina Miltienyte, Head of Policy at, said:

"Our data show that a similar proportion of people are in debt as in April, but people are now about 10% more likely to be in debt to their energy suppliers than they were just four months ago.

"This is a worrisome situation. Summer is traditionally a time when homes use less electricity for heating, and bill payers are forced to pay more for energy in advance of winter. It helps build credit.”

Liberal Democrat leader Ed Davey urges government to call Congress He called for a law to be passed as soon as possible to eliminate rising energy prices. (



Craig Lowrey, principal consultant at Cornwall Insights: says so. The livelihood crisis was already top of the news agenda as more and more people face fuel shortages, but this only exacerbates the concerns. "

Now 9.2 million households (more than 28%) will run out of fuel from his October, campaigners fear, even with aid already announced by the government." .

From January, it could increase to 10.5 million households, or 32.6% of all households.

End Fuel Poverty Coalition Coordinator Simon Francis said: A drop of the ocean.

Morgan Wild, Policy Director at Citizens Advice, said:

``Every day we hear from people who cannot afford to turn on lights or cook hot meals for their children. We did the right thing, but it will not be enough for people to manage these hitherto unthinkable price increases. ``There is no time to waste.''

The latest warnings and concerns about debt surges come amid criticism of the Tory government for failing to announce new emergency aid to cost-of-living households. Served in

Liberal Democrat leader Ed Davey has called on the government to convene parliament and pass legislation to end rising energy prices as soon as possible.

He said:

"But while facing deafening silence from the Prime Minister and the Prime Minister, both Conservative leadership candidates have failed to come up with a bold plan to resolve this crisis.

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