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Only 48% of Britons see a GP within 6 months, slow to recognize cancer 'red flag' symptoms

Poll shows less than half of Britons contact GP within six months of noticing symptoms of cancer is.

A YouGov survey of approximately 2,500 people found that those who experienced symptoms such as hemoptysis, unexplained weight loss, or new or unusual lumps reported contacting their primary care physician within six months. People were only 48%.

Cancer Research UK, which commissioned a poll, found that when people don't tell their doctors about unusual changes in their health, they are less likely to be diagnosed early, with devastating consequences. said it is possible.

If diagnosed with stage 1, 92% of people with a stage 1 diagnosis have his 5% compared to 10% if diagnosed with stage 4. You can survive bowel cancer for years or more.

Michelle Mitchell, CEO of Cancer Research UK (second from left), former Girls Aloud band member Nicola Roberts , Cheryl, Nadine Coyle (



This is from a cancer expertNHS budget cuts of £2 billion following the warning of Payroll contracts for government underfunded staff delay diagnostic appointments.

Following a wage deal for public sector workers, this would mean most of his NHS staff would receive pay cuts for a real period, and the Tories would cut the existing public sector budget. confirmed that wages would be raised from

NHS bosses have confirmed that plans to expand diagnostic and technical capacity will need to be curtailed in order to find the necessary funding for payment arrangements.

Michelle Mitchell, Chief Executive Officer of Cancer Research UK, said:

"Earlier this year, the government announced improving early cancer diagnosis and tackling health disparities as one of its top priorities.

"Cancer is a top priority. With a white paper on health inequalities and the UK's 10-year plan, the new Secretary of Health and Human Services has a huge chance to change cancer survival with a clear and strong plan.

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