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Conor McGregor notices that Kim Kardashian is a "descendant of the Scottish royal family" and welcomes his family.

Believe it or not, Conor McGregor is a distant relative of Kim Kardashian through the Scottish royal family.

UFC Superstar 33-, who was offered $ 157 million to fight Floyd Mayweather again, seems to be enjoying the news, tweeting his approval and saying, "Family Welcome to. "

Kardashian'smumKris Jenner is from Scotland and is associated with the outlaw and folk hero Robert Roy MacGregor. This is a giant person who is one of the oldest clan in Scotland.

The rebels and cow thieves died in 1734 at the age of 63, were part of the rise of Jacobite in 1689, and participated in the Battle of Glenseal in 1719.

Nobleman McGregor was drawn in 1995 in the movie Rob Roy starring Liam Nyson.

According to the daily record, this gives the pair a link to the legendary first Scottish King Kenneth McCarpin.

Kardashian's sister Kourtney named her daughter Penelope Scotland Disick in 2012. This is a clear endorsement of their heritage north of Hadrian's Wall.

Cardassian is proud of Armenia's heritage on his paternal side, and Kim (38) accused him of denying the Armenian slaughter in 2016. He is notorious for us to know him today.

In 2016, he tweeted. "I'm just doing what my ancestors did long ago."

McGregoris from the Irish branch of MacGregors and is proud of his heritage. I talked about it before.

He said in 2015: "My family was born in the highlands of Scotland and they fought for independence.

" It's been done in the history of my family and I'm crazy about it Slightly.

"I repeat that my family is on the right path in front of me.

" We are already in the field Well, we're in the Octagon, we're full of arenas Thousands of people are watching millions of people.

"It's an extra to fight me Motivates.

"It's what's inside me, what my ancestors did before me, and I'm just proud to have the name of my family increase. "

McGregor hasn't fought in UFC since he broke his leg against Dustin Poirierin UFC264.

But herepeat Was offered a huge payday in his Boxing 2017 Showdown with Mayweather Jr..