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Tory leadership negotiates cost of living before being branded 'weird' by Truss

Liz Truss agrees withgovernment and Rishi Sunak to back energy rate hikes before Tory leadership election ends The proposal was branded as "bizarre".

Mr. Sunak said he welcomed a meeting to agree on emergency aid for the winter, but Mr. Truss branded the proposal a "Kangaroo Commission" and put it in a cost-of-living crisis. As "Gordon BrownEconomics" which excludes widespread cash transfers to deal with.

His two candidates vying for the next prime minister's office have come under increasing pressure to deal with the rising cost of living, topping £4,200 in the new year.

Mr Sunak and Mr Truss will be scrutinized further on their plans for the UK's future on Wednesday. Sunak will be interviewed on her BBC One and Truss will answer questions from her GB News audience. Greater Manchester viewers.

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson declared he was "absolutely certain" that his successor as prime minister would "have the financial strength and the space to continue to care for the people."

At a leadership conference in Darlington on Tuesday, Truss said he was "fundamentally" opposed to "raising taxes and then giving benefits" to help raise the cost of living.

What I do not support is taking taxes from the people and giving them away. is to return to Handout

Liz Truss

South Her West Norfolk MPs asked what she would do to address rising fuel prices , told the Hastings audience: We struggle with fuel and food bills, but the first thing we as Conservatives should do is help people have more money of their own. What it doesn't do is take money from people with taxes and give it back to them in handouts.To me that's Gordon Brown's economics."

Prime Minister Asked if she would consider providing more support, along with rivals in the throne and its leadership, Truss said her focus in government was on her role as secretary of foreign affairs.

She said that Prime Minister Nadim Zahawi and the Prime Minister were "qualified people and capable of making these decisions" and that "this Kangaroo Commission you are proposing is strangely

This is because the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has asked the prime minister and two candidates to replace him "in order to agree on a common pledge to help the people." It follows the call to unite.

Rishi Snack (Danny Lawson/PA) during a Hastings event in Darlington, County Durham, as part of the campaign to become Conservative Party leader and next prime minister.

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Richmond MP Sunak said he was "happy" to attend such a meeting, but added: . Kat - I'm having trouble understanding how that's possible.

"So if you can get Liz to change her mind about that when she's talking to you, I'll be happy to enter the room.

The former prime minister also suggested targeting assistance to the most vulnerable, rather than offering more cash payments to all households.

Sunak added: “The only way to help them is through direct assistance, because tax cuts alone do not do much for pensioners who are not earning extra money.”

Asked if he was planning support similar to previous plans to provide £400 to all households, regardless of income, he said:

Prime Minister Boris Johnson speaks at the Point of Light reception in Downing Street, London (Peter Nicholls/PA)

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At a reception in Downing Street on Tuesday, Mr Johnson said this was one of the last events at Number 10 Gardens and whether the next prime minister would be male or female. I joked that it was either

He added: I want you to know that I am absolutely certain that I will have the financial strength and space to continue caring for people as I have been doing for the next period, which runs from December to January.