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Council writing a letter to the First Minister about financing

The West Rosian Council will send a letter to Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Treasury Secretary Holyrood requesting more money for a new five-year term.

Following a previous announcement from the Scottish Government, an additional £ 100 million will be distributed to all 32 councils, freezing all council funds from 2026 to 2027. It's a schedule.

Despite rising inflation and rising costs, the freeze to keep all local government funds at current levels will seriously hurt the council's ability to maintain service. Donald Forest, chief financial officer of the council, said.

In West Lothian, Congress needed to cut £ 150m from spending since 2007 to balance the budget. This is legally required. Forrest said at a council executive meeting that the council is facing a new five-year term with a gap currently estimated at £ 38.4 million.

Forrest said: 19 Pandemic and ongoing living cost crisis.

Council leader Lawrence Fitzpatrick said, "Chief Executive Officer to Prime Minister." I instructed him to write a letter. " Minister for Finance and Economics seeking to improve reconciliation of local governments.

He said at the meeting: There is a significant cost increase in providing our services. Fraser of the Arander Institute predicts that the Scottish Spending Review will reduce municipal budgets by a real 7% between 2022 and 2023 and between 2026 and 2027.

"Is the Chief Cabinet Secretary correct on this issue, or is the Treasury Director of 32 local governments correct? I leave the decision to the members.

"I have a contempt for the local government that I don't understand."

By Deputy SNP Group Leader Robert de Bold "Due to the cost pressures of Westminster's tightening treasury, the Scottish government had to prioritize funding for many major government services," the amendment said. He said, "Buck stopped at Westminster."

Tory Group leader Damian Doran Timson said funding to the Scottish government had increased substantially but was not passed on to local governments, with SNP councilors supporting it. He accused him of trying to persuade him.

"Stop trying to protect the defenseless," he added.

SNP councilor Paulin Clark said he was seeking money from a money tree with no workers, conservatives, etc. She added that the Westminster government has ruined the economies of the four countries since 2008 and has done nothing to help them recover.

She added that the British Council is facing the same dire financial situation.

Liberal Democratic Party councilor Sally Patre said the SNP government was pursuing a centralized policy, which made the country fail every time.

She added:

Labor Party Andrew McGuire said the Scottish government intentionally shut down services to convince voters that independence was the only way forward.

He added that the SNP councilor should bow shyly.

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