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Couple who got engaged two weeks after meeting divorce - but now they're back together

A couple have got back together just three months after they split up and filed for divorce.

The two separated after constant arguments less than two years into their marriage.

Alex Scanlon, 26, split up with her husband Josh, 27, in September 2020.

The pair, who started dating in April 2018, got engaged two weeks after they met and tied the knot in December 2018.

Their wedding came after finding out they were pregnant with Harper, now three.

But things took a toll on the couple as they constantly argued and struggled to adjust to life as parents.

Alex and Josh and their daughters (


Courtesy Alex Scanlon / SWNS)

Alex filed for divorce in September 2020 and they both went on to date other people.

However, it took them three months to realise how much they missed each other so decided to rekindle things.

Alex took the plunge to text Josh she had "made a mistake" and he moved back during December 2020.

The couple cancelled their divorce, which they spent £1,600 on, and bought new wedding rings to "start over".

They welcomed their second daughter, Ophelia, in April 2022, and say their marriage is "better than ever".

Alex and Josh agreed to marry just two weeks after meeting (


Courtesy Alex Scanlon / SWNS)

The stay-at-home mum from Ohio, US, said: "I had crushed on Josh for ages and practically stalked him on Facebook.

"I saw he was at the same bar as me one night, so I tracked him down on the dance floor.

"We got engaged after two weeks of dating and then found out I was pregnant three months into our relationship.

"We managed to plan the wedding in about a day and just had it in my mother-in-law's living room."

Despite separating and dating other people the two realised they missed eachother too much (


Courtesy Alex Scanlon / SWNS)

When the couple realised they missed each other, Alex and Josh "cancelled" their divorce and moved back in together.

John, who works for Ford Transmissions, said: "We were pretty inseparable at the beginning.

"We got pregnant three months into our relationship, married eight months in, and had a child a year in.

"In our roles in the marriage we felt overwhelmed in our own avenues. That's why we fell out."

They have two daughters together (


Courtesy Alex Scanlon / SWNS)

Alex and Josh first met after messaging on Facebook in early 2018.

The mum said: "I had crushed on him for ages.

"I saw we were already friends on Facebook, so I unfriended him and the added him back again to get his attention.

"It worked and he messaged me. We were going back and forth trying to sort a date until I was stalking his Facebook and saw he was in the same bar as me."

A few weeks later, Alex found out she was pregnant so the pair decided to just get married.

Alex took the plunge to text Josh to tell him how she felt and that she thought they had "made a mistake" (


Courtesy Alex Scanlon / SWNS)

Alex, who had postpartum depression, found it difficult to adjust to parenthood and the pair would often argue.

It became too much of a strain and Alex decided to call time on the marriage in September 2020.

Now after rekindling their relationship, the couple welcomed Ophelia in April 2022.

Alex concluded: "We still have our arguments sometimes but when we got to bed, we apologise.

"Hopefully we'll renew our vows and have a bit more of a proper ceremony."