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The dog's owner repeatedly hit the puppy and yelled, "Do you want to be hit again?"

"Cruel" dog owners forbid keeping animals for 10 years after repeatedly hitting Labrador puppies and yelling "Do you want to be beaten again?" Was done.

James Spencer, 33, was filmed attacking Bad before picking it up and "throwing" it into the van.

Witnesses witnessed five separate similar incidents outside their home on Lindon Road in Brownhills, West Midlands. 

Judges conclude that Spencer, who is said to have a learning disability, does not have the "handling skills" to deal with young animals, and the defendant's "vulnerability" I admitted.

However, he described his assault as "horrifying, cruel and violent." 

Spencer pleaded guilty to unnecessarily distressing protected animals in the Birmingham Justice of the Peace Court.

He was sentenced to 12 weeks in prison from Monday, suspended for a year, and banned from keeping animals for 10 years.

Spencer was also ordered to participate in a 20-day rehab activity and pay £ 500. The

case was reported to the court between June 1st and July 25th last year, usually in a parking lot near his home.

Prosecutor Sarah Pratt said a witness saw Spencer attack the dog in three separate shots and shot the third.

Ms. Pratt added: "The defendant seemed to be calling Bad, who didn't come to him. He approached only when he lay down on the floor.

" This defendant picked up the dog. Hit him and then hit him repeatedly with a bang.

"I saw a dog thrown into a bang and hit him repeatedly. The footage was sent to RSPCA.

"I heard the defendant say: Do you want to be beaten again?"

Spencer voluntarily surrendered Bad. Bad was inspected in September and found to be "bright, alert and friendly." 

However, perhaps because of the "history of negative encounters," the puppies were observed to be "passive" when picked up, the prosecutor said.

Spencer initially put a bad in his nose if he was "mischievous" before he fully confessed. Insisted on hitting only. The degree of his abuse. 

District Judge Jonathan Straw said: What was clear was a considerable degree of inadequacy on the part of the defendant.

"He was initially seen to call and hug dogs using traditional methods.

" Then, of course, the dog was his When he did not obey his orders, he became frustrated, swirled in anger, and encountered physical punishment by punching.

"This was not cruel from the beginning. It was the result of anger and frustration as a result of the dog's disobedience to him, as he lacked the skills to deal with and deal with puppies and dogs. "

Paro Bailey relaxed Said that. Spencer had a lot of "difficulty" and he couldn't work after he fell off the ladder. Please contact the news team by sending an email to 

 [email protected].

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