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Emmerdale fans say the same thing Layla makes surprise Liam confession after overdose

Emmerdale fans applauded Layla Cavanagh for finally admitting she was addicted to partner Liam after suffering a tragic drug overdose .

A storyline unraveled at Dales after a cocaine addict got entangled with a column of dealers, emmerdalestarting a downward spiral with drugs over the past few months.

Her Callum, a dealer, had previously threatened that "bad things will happen" to addicts if they lost their drugs.

But this week, Jacob Gallagher made a big turn for Layla on Soap. After he decided to put her exit plans on hold to support her mother.

After her overdose, her family decided that Layla had sought her professional help. and she is frightened by her decision not to admit that she has a problem.

The family is frightened by Layla's decision not to seek professional help (



Jacob and Liam are surprised that Layla decided to go sober instead of going to rehab. I was. her own habits.

Jacob, who was talking with them at the store, was enraged by her mother's choice of words and sent a cell phone showing her distressing photos of Layla in the hospital in her coma and connected to a breathing tube. I surprised her when I took it out of the

"It's you. Heart failure. Coma. Dying," he told her. "That's what Liam and I went through. There."

Jacob made a big difference for Layla (



Jacob loves his family when Leila refuses to see the photos I asked him bluntly if he was. Do you really need it?

Layla relented and went home to her, apologizing for Liam's acknowledgment of the "mess" in her hospital.

"No one deserves to go through that, especially you," Layla told Liam. "It's just like any other disease," Liam explained, to which Layla replied,

"This is a disease like any other," Liam explained ( 67} Image:


Liam promised Layla that he loved her.The couple sharing a hug when the episode ended.

After the poignant moment aired in the final scene of Tuesday's episode, Emmerdale's fans praised Layla on her Twitter, saying that she thought her addiction Celebrate recognition.

One wrote, "Layla finally admitted her addiction," while another echoed, "Well done Layla, that's her first step." .

"Well done Layla, first step." (



A third wrote: Layla admits she's an addict!" As the fourth tweet read, "It's the beginning. Layla admits she's an addict..."

However, many fans , was wondering if Layla would stick with it. One wrote: She knows she will use it again. ''

Another of her said, ''Well done Layla.

Another user added: "Layla doesn't hack. She hates being called an addict. I'm really sorry." }

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