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EU launches a startling attack, claiming Boris is backing Putin at Brexit's request

Maros Sefcovic attacked the UK for the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill

Marosh Chef Chovic Attacks Britain Northern Ireland Protocol Bill(Image: N / C)
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Vice-President of the European Commission, Maroš Šefchovic, said the UK on the Northern Ireland Protocol bill, which is currently passing parliament. Criticized.

He called the bill "illegal" and said the Prime Minister had weakened relations between Britain and the EU during the Ukrainian war. The

bill empowers the Minister to dismiss aspects of the Northern Ireland Protocol introduced as part of the 2019 Brexit Withdrawal Agreement.

Ministers take action to protect the integrity of Britain in the face of the problems posed by the treaty.

In the UK, Sefkovich said this morning: Western unification.

"A stable, positive and even strategic relationship under the international agreement we have signed and approved is our mutual benefit.

" We are , We need cooperation and action to strengthen our bonds and raise them to the qualitative level they deserve. ”

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