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Excited couple share their unique gender reveal – but trolls slam it as the most boring announcement known to mankind

A PREGNANT couple have taken the internet by storm after sharing what people reckon is the most boring gender reveal known to mankind.

Gender reveals, recently growing in popularity in the UK, are supposed to be full of excitement - but it seems that one couple, from Leeds, have managed to achieve quite the opposite, as cruel trolls brutally slammed the ceremony.

The video, which has since racked up over 500k views in less than 24 hours, was uploaded on TikTok by the dad-to-be, Aidan.

At the start of the clip, Aidan and his partner, looking fabulous in a figure-hugging dress, could be seen standing in front of a massive poster in black.

On top of it had been tied a helium balloon, as well as blue and pink letters that said ''BOY & GIRL''.

But instead of popping the balloon or eating a cake that would reveal the sex of the baby, the excited duo had opted for another, more creative, approach.

As the guests, who were all waiting for the moment in the garden, started the countdown, Aidan was preparing himself to use the paint gun onto the black poster.

Finally ready, he hit the trigger - and it was at this very moment when they found out they were expecting a baby girl to join the family.

However, even as the mum-to-be began to walk away, Aidan didn't stop spray-painting - he made sure all of the black area had been covered in bright pink.

Sharing the moment on social media, he added in the caption: ''Absolutely over the moon cant wait to meet you baby girl first time dad [sic].''

One said: ''congratulations to the most boring gender reveal known to man.''

Someone else chimed in: ''The way he just carries on painting.''

Another added: ''Loved the part where u turned to your partner and hugged and celebrated it with her [sic].''

''Looks so exciting,'' a fourth penned sarcastically.

However, it wasn't all negative, as heaps of people congratulated the young parents and hit back at the trolls.

''I just hope you know youv got a little bestie for life! My daughters and there daddy are the best of friends! So adorable.. Congrats mummy & daddy [sic],'' a mum wrote.