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Families are heartbroken, in debt and have no puppies after a brutal 'breeder scam'

After learning that the new dog's various health conditions were undisclosed, the grieving family was left deep in debt.

Hull's family purchased the dog through her Camlist app in July and soon discovered that it had been scammed.

The seller gave them incorrect paperwork for their Rhodesian Ridgeback. This means the dog wasn't legally theirs,HullLive reports.

The dog was also alleged to have hadvarious conditions, including conjunctivitis andskin infections.

The breeder deleted his Camlist account shortly after the sale, according to the family.

They had to send the puppy home because they could no longer pay for the puppy's treatment.

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In an interview with Hull Live, the family said: The puppy has gone home. Because the documents and tip numbers were all different.

"He has a skin infection and needs vaccinations, but we cannot get him to the vet because we do not have the correct information about the puppy.


"We bought a dog through finance and now we are paying for something that is not ours. We have contacted the seller but he keeps putting the phone on us.

”I am currently stuck in debt and needed to get my puppy back home. We have tried to contact the RSPCA, trading standards, police, and financial companies to resolve the issue, but they continue to circle us.

"They keep saying we should contact Camlist, but they say nothing and even ignore our messages.

Camlist was asked for comment.

Families shared their stories to raise awareness of the problem of such breeders and to discourage others from going.

RSPCA offers the following tips to avoid problems with breeders:

  • where they were bred and raised, and see them interacting with their mothers, litters, and breeders;
  • ask the breeder many questions and ask them to see what is relevant.breeding licenses, dogs
  • Do not meet your puppy outside of where it was raised, such as a parking lot or petrol station
  • Puppies are not legally sold until they are 8 weeks old.
  • Pay in cash and do not ask for a receipt or Use The Puppy ContractThis is between the buyer and the seller. We provide helpful guidance, as well as a contract for both of you to sign.
  • If you have any concerns about seeing anything or making excuses, stay away from your purchase and report it to the local police. Please report your concerns to your local authority, your local authority, or the RSPCA.

An RSPCA spokesperson added: "There are some great breeders out there, but it's a shame. Interestingly,there are also many puppy breeders and sellers who put profit above the health and welfare of their dogs} , and simply want to capitalize on the value of a puppy. We encourage anyone to do a lot of research first and source puppies responsibly.

"Consider rescuing a dog. dog. When purchasing a puppy, choose your breeder carefully.

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