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The family blamed Pontins' room for "no matter how much cleaning it smells of urine."

Disgusted family blows upPontinsafter being given a room that gives off a "bad smell" of urine, even after many attempts to eliminate the smell Did.

Two mothers, Rebecca Parker-Waller, 29, vowed never to return after finding a "dirty" room in Holiday Park in Ainsdale, Mercyside. ..Liverpool Echo.

Stoke-on-Trent's call operator had a disappointing stay with her husband Anthony and two sons (one for eight months and one for four) earlier this month. Later, I'm fighting for her refund.

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They were them Meaned that they had to buy their own supplies and clean them themselves on arrival.

She said the stench had permeated the accommodation, despite many attempts to wipe it out.

The call operator and mum-of-two says their ground floor room stank of urine and the floor was damaged
The call operator and his two mothers said that the smell of the room on the first floor damaged the floor with urine. Say

Rebecca says that the sink drain is full of dirt and every time water flows through the sink. Added that this will reappear.

The knobs on the oven are also covered with grease, and no matter how many times the family cleans the floor, the persistent urine odor and damage to the floor itself cannot be removed, and the bed sheet becomes dirty. ..

Explaining the horrifying condition of the room when she arrived, Rebecca told Echo: "Having a young baby means he's crawling on the floor. If we didn't have a baby bed, we wouldn't know where he was crawling.

She is now taking her complaint to an ombudsman after Pontins said she should have completed an on-site form
She is currently complaining to Ombuzman after Pontins says she needs to fill out an onsite form

"We would have just left without a 4-year-old child. We went out every day. Run away. Everywhere was desolate and the apartment didn't seem to have been cleaned. "

But she didn't fill out the" Pontins Guest Solution Form "on the spot, so Rebecca said the company was her. Says she told her she couldn't support her complaint.

Ms. Parker Waller contacted Ombuzman as a way to get some form of compensation.

The Britannia Hotel, which operates Pontins, is asked to comment.

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