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Fashion enthusiasts are enthusiastic about the £ 14 dupe of Primark's Versace platform shoes, which is over £ 1,000 cheaper.

Unless you've lived under a rock lately, you've probably seen the new Versace platform shoes that everyone is crazy about.

Many celebrities rocked great heels at thered carpet event. These include Love Island StarsAmber Gil,Milly Court,Olivia Bowen

But these shoes aren't cheap and come at a high price of £ 1,100.

Yes, I've heard it correctly. TheseVersaceheels will return to over £ 1,000. 

But if you're willing to spare such money (and don't worry, many of us don't), thePrimarkhas helped. rice field. When they thought they couldn't love the

Primarkmore than ever, Primark just released their own version of these designer platforms, and fashion fans are enthusiastic about them. .. 

Primark was not the first person to make a heel duplicate of these designers.SteveMaddenandEGOhave also released their own versions.

However, the great thing about the new Primark pairs is that they are an absolute bargain.

These Primark platforms aren't just perfect for the summer, they're only £ 14.

Bargain purchases are a whopping £ 1,086 cheaper than the original Versace version, so if you want to get the look of a designer without breaking the bank, you should head to Primark as soon as possible. 

A fashion fan known as "Peachivert" on TikTokused a social media platform to show off Primark's heels.

Pink-obsessed fashionistas were surprised to see what she described as "Steve Madden Charlies Dupe at Primark." 

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She Uploaded a video with the caption "I rushed to the police, but they were so uncomfortable that my feet couldn't handle it." 

TikToker combines video and audio and says, "It's so cute, are you offending me?" In the

video you can see the brand new Primark Pink platform. These are, in fact, statement shoes that instantly enhance any look.

The fashionista video clearly impressed many. In just one day she lived on TikTok, her videos reached 306.2k views. 

One said, "The premarked version of Steve Madden's version of Versace's platform."

Another addition: "NOWAY". 

Third comment: "They are calling my name."

Someone else said: "I need."

If you ask us, these heels are perfect for the summer and are the perfect classic heels to dress up in any outfit. 

However, when something gets bigger on TikTok, it tends to sell out quickly, so if you want to get these heels, you need to do it quickly.