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Flight Cancellation-Live: Heathrow will focus on 30 flights to further reduce summer service for British Airways

Heathrow Airport stopped 30 flights on Thursday overnight as it requested the airline to shorten the schedule to ease the pressure on the terminal.

Cancellations can affect more than 4,500 passengers and primarily affect British Airways services, but also Virgin Atlantic, Ruftansa, KLM, Airingus and Air France flights. Receive.

A Heathrow spokeswoman said, "We will work with the airline to rebook affected passengers on other off-peak flights so that as many people as possible can escape tomorrow." I am saying.

Meanwhile, British Airways has confirmed that it will further reduce summer flights. The additional reduction means that cancellations correspond to about 11% of the planned schedule from May to October instead of 10%.

An airline representative said: "Unfortunately, the entire aviation industry continues to face the most difficult times in history, and we need to make further cuts.

" We apologize to our customers for rebooking or full refunds. Offer. "

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Heathrow Cancel 30 flights Thursday morning after a surge in passenger numbers

The UK's busiest airport, London Heathrow, will allow airlines to cut 30 flights from their schedule until 12:30 pm After being told, today is quieter than usual.

One-fortyth of today's flights from the UK's busiest airport have been canceled, affecting at least 5,000 travelers.

Independentsaid, "Intervention" after it became clear that the airline was expecting 13% more passengers than last Thursday. I understand that was done.

Heathrow's spokesperson said:

British Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Ruftansa and other airlines are affected


If your flight fails, your fare will skyrocket

British AirwaysIndependentplans to fly once every nine times from Heathrow's schedule this summer. Price cuts have a serious impact on fare and availability.

From now until July 11th, the minimum economic one-way fare from London to Athens in BA is £ 752, flying from Gatwick. From Heathrow, the cheapest ticket costs an additional £ 5.

In the same time frame, the cheapest Heathrow-Rome ticket is £ 666.

On a mile basis, Amsterdam is the number one international route, with a minimum fare from Heathrow currently £ 516 for a 231 mile trip and £ 2.23 per mile. is.

However, Heathrow-Manchester (£ 415, 151 miles, £ 2.75 per mile) is the most expensive in the country and in the country. The price of the link to Newcastle is £ 463 for a trip 100 miles away. (£ 1.85 per mile).


Air Canada shrinks summer flights

Air Canada warns that "the schedule for July and August will be significantly shortened" to avoid last-minute cancellations.

Carrie's Chief Executive Officer, Michael Rousseau, said: To reduce the volume and flow of passengers to a level that the air transportation system can handle.

"This wasn't an easy decision, because additional flights will be canceled and some customers will be adversely affected. However, do this in advance. This allows affected customers to take the time to make other arrangements in order, rather than interrupting the trip just before or during the trip.

"We are confident that these changes will bring the desired improvements, but to set expectations, the actual benefits of this action will take time and the industry will achieve before the pandemic. It's also important to understand that as you regain the reliability and robustness you were in, you'll only feel it gradually. ”

Air Canada Airways at Zurich Airport

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Heathrow flights affected by today's cancellation.

Most of today's flights canceled at Heathrow are services of British Airways, affecting several other airlines.

16 short-distance BA services-Munich, Rome, Marseille, Madrid, Vienna, Athens, Budapest, Dusseldorf, Luxemburg, Tessaroniki, Geneva, Dublin, Basel, Berlin, Manchester, Ibiza -All canceled before 9am.

Further BA flights to Aberdeen, Glasgow, Milan, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Paris, Frankfurt and Hamburg will also be affected.

Meanwhile, two United Airlines services to Washington DC and Chicago, two American Airlines and Virgin Atlantic departures to New York, and Luftansa flights to Frankfurt and Munich. Was canceled.

Canceled Eurowings flight to Stuttgart, Airingus flight to Dublin, Air France Paris service, KLM service to Amsterdam, Air Canada flight to Harifax it was done.


Short-term cancellations at Gatwick continue

Hundreds of passengers wanting to travel to and from London Gatwick are reorganizing their journey after another wave of flight cancellations.

UK's largest budget airline, easyJet, offers 7am service to Edinburgh, 8am to Paris CDG, 8:15 am to Bordeaux, and more. Canceled three short-term early flights.

Cancellation to the French capital is due to a strike. The passenger was told: "French authorities have informed us that the firefighting&rescue service at Charles DeGor Airport in Paris will participate in industrial activities on June 30. As a result of this industrial activities, the flight has been cancelled. We apologize for the inconvenience.

"Flight interruptions are outside our control and are considered anomalous situations."

Strike Because of this, the airline does not pay cancellation compensation for changes to this flight, but does not provide any other grounds – the person showing a charge of £ 220 per person must pass.

EasyJet's little rival, Wizz Air, also left for Malaga at 6:15 am.

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