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'Former PM Theresa May will be appalled at Tory MP's slavery shame'

It was Theresa May who championed modern slavery laws and is rightly outraged at any attempt to breach them.

It was former justice minister Jonathan Djanogly who said he wanted modern slavery at the top of the government’s agenda.

So the former PM will be appalled today to read how Djanogly reacts to the unlawful treatment of staff when it’s closer to home.

Two servants at Djanogly’s £7million home slaved for 13 hours, with one forced to follow detailed orders on laying out avocado pears.

His wife Rebecca Silk unlawfully withheld pay from the two women. One was offered help by the Salvation Army’s modern slavery team.

The Djanoglys do not just live on another planet from the one the rest of us inhabit.

Tory MP Jonathan Djanogly, whose wife was taken to court (


Andrew Parsons / i-Images)
Hazel Settas says she was treated like a slave (



The way they treated these women puts them in a different solar system. The avocados got more respect.

The awful Djanoglys are rich, entitled, uncaring, and dismissive of those they consider beneath them. Sounds a lot like the modern Conservative Party.

The MP may not have directly employed these women, but he lived in the house they tended and ate the avocados they ripened to his liking.

He may think he’s accountable to no one.

We hope the voters in his Huntingdon seat now think otherwise.

Kick in ballots

When the Tories are represented by the likes of Jonathan Djanogly it should be no surprise Conservative voters desert them in droves.

Today we reveal 48% of 2019 Tory voters want an early General Election.

At a time Rishi Sunak and his chums trail 20 points behind Labour, that would ensure a Conservative wipeout.

Our survey can only mean one thing. Even Tory voters want shot of this miserable government as soon as possible.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak during a Q&A session at Teesside University in Darlington (



Mr Sunak’s first 100 days have not shifted the dial for his party because ministers are out of ideas so have nothing to move it with.

They have no credible answers to the concerns uppermost in people’s minds – strikes, the cost of living, NHS waiting lists and cross-Channel migration

A government utterly bereft of solutions is running out of rope and the democratic solution to that is to put public approval or otherwise to the test.

At the ballot box.

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A stay Innside

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