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Geordie Shore’s Gaz Beadle shows off beard transplant

GEORDIE Shore star Gaz Beadle is looking hotter than ever - and it’s all down to his beard transplant.

Hunky Gaz, 34, has revealed his beard is still going strong nearly three years after he had the procedure.

Gaz was one of the first celebrities to openly discuss having a beard transplant, which has since become a must-have treatment amongst footballers and other celebrities.

The procedure, which takes between six and eight hours, was performed by leading hair transplant surgeon Dr Matee Rajput, who has clinics in Manchester and London.

And since Gaz got his beard done in October 2019 Dr Matte has become the go-to beard doctor performing the procedure on a number of Premier League footballers and other reality stars.

Gaz said: “I could not recommend it enough. If you’ve got a patchy beard or have never really had stubble and that’s something you want, definitely definitely enquire because I’ll never regret it.

“I used to always have to shave my beard at a zero. If I let it grow even for about a month, it would look scruffy and patchy, I had a circle where nothing would grow on both sides so if I even let it grow a little bit, it just looked stupid.

“It wasn’t even something I released you could get done and to be honest with you, I didn’t expect the results to be as good as they were.

“Overall, for me confidence wise I know I can now let it grow out, or I can go into the barbers for a beard fade, I know I can cut it and there’s no patches everywhere and I think for me it has boosted my confidence."

Beard transplants are the same process as hair transplants only more complex due to the shape and the area not being as large.

They also need to get the hairs as close together as possible so that it grows in a natural way.

Dad-of-two Gaz, who has put his wild Geordie Shore days behind him and settled into family life with wife Emma McVey, was unable to grow a beard.

Dr Matee said: “Gaz came to me because he had quite a patchy beard and wasn’t able to grow full stubble or a beard properly because of this. He really wanted to thicken up his beard, so that it was much fuller and had more shape and definition.

“We achieved brilliant results with Gaz. It’s been nearly three years since his surgery and the before and after images really show just how successful his surgery was.

“Facial hair in general is something that more and more people are becoming concerned about. Whether it’s thin eyebrows or patchy beards - these are things that in today’s society, really get people down. Mental health is extremely important, so it makes me happy knowing that I’m able to help improve that for my patients with these procedures.

“I think beard transplants will only continue to become more popular. Image is an import part of who we are, and people are always going to want to present the best version of themselves and how they want to look - and most importantly, how the way they look makes them feel.

“Beard transplant enquiries are at an all-time high for my clinics, as more people realise that these surgeries are possible. They can be carried out in a matter of hours and are easily accessible.”

Readers can find out more about Dr Matee’s hair and beard transplants by visiting his website