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Georgia Harrison sets sights on fresh start in America after Stephen Bear conviction

Georgia Harrison says she hopes to move to America to get away from 'negative energy' weeks after Stephen Bear's conviction.

Ex reality star Bear is currently serving 21 months behind bars and has been placed on the sex offenders register for sharing footage of him having sex with his former partner without her permission.

She has spoken passionately about how the past few years have rocked her life and says he stole her "innocent spark" when he leaked a private sex video of her.

The former Love Islander has earned huge praise for how she handled the fall out to the explicit clip being leaked and the arduous legal process.

But it seems Georgia sees her future outside of the UK.

Georgia Harrison says Stephen Bear stole her "innocent spark" when he leaked a private sex video of her

Now the reality star seems to be planning for life after the trial (


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Following Friday's downpour, she took to Instagram clearly dreaming of being elsewhere.

"I was meant to live in the sun, being in the cold/rain makes me feel s**t lol so if I could sort my visa 100 per cent I would be living in LA right now," she wrote.

"I miss my friends there, I love all of the healthy activities, the excitement, the enthusiasm.

"I'm such an empath and I take on a lot of negative energy in the UK whereas the US has the opposite effect on me."

Bear was jailed in March for posting the sex tape with his ex online without her consent.

It seems like Georgia has her heart set on a move to America (



As he was supported by current girlfriend Jessica Smith, Judge Christopher Morgan told him: "You intended to maximise the distress and humiliation of Georgia Harrison.

"That is evidenced by the continued availability of video after Georgia had requested you take it down. By making it available on your OnlyFans site, the video circulated widely and publicly."

Georgia told the court: "Millions of people were watching me and laughing at me and it was completely, utterly out of my control.

"He’s left me feeling hurt, embarrassed, insignificant and insecure in so many ways."

Stephen Bear was arrested as he returned from Dubai

Georgia bravely waived her right to anonymity in court and has made a documentary for ITV2 on her experience.

She was thrilled by the reaction to it, saying: "My case in general has really shocked the British public, but it is such a common thing – so common.

"Ever since this happened to me I became someone that victims reach out to, and I get at least five women a day – usually victims but sometimes mothers of victims or family members who want advice,” she told the BBC ’s Sunday With Laura Kuenssberg programme.

"You just wouldn’t believe how big this is and how many people are being affected by it."

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