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Hairdresser explains why you shouldn't tie wet hair

Hair may be one of your characteristics, but it must be well-maintained. There are tons of tips and hacks out there that claim to keep your hair healthy, but it can be difficult to know which ones actually work. They shared important tips they learned. Rachel Valentine shared her industry expertise in TikTok videos. The video initially shocked some viewers. But the social media star's most surprising revelation was that she never gets her hair wet or tied up. It was for good reason.

Social Media Known as @rachelvalentinehair on her app, she says that wet hair tends to "stretch back", which can lead to breakage. explained. Rachel demonstrated how brittle her hair can be, she took a wet lock and showed it in front of the camera, reports Mirror.

Rachel explained: It will break.

She added: "And our hair doesn't grow when it's dry." So if your hair is wet and tied up, it's more susceptible to damage and stretches, making it more likely to break.

Several up-and-coming users of the social media app flooded her section of the commentary, praising Rachel's essential insight into protecting her hair. A few users gushed out essential tips, while a few shared useful tips for their own hair.

One asked: "Can you braid loosely when wet? x" Rachel replied: "Yes, if you need this!"

40} "I feel like I can't win. If I let it dry naturally, it's frizzy and needs heat," another user added.

Another user wrote: .

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