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Heatwave ends in big explosion as Met Office warns of dramatic change in UK weather

Weather warnings were issued across the UK as the heat waveended abruptly and thunderstorms were seen across the country.

The UK's sunny spell is coming to a shocking and abrupt end after Met Office experts claim the weather will change dramatically on Monday.

Sunny skies and extreme heat have hit the UK over the past week, but aweather warning has been issued and thunderstorms are set to 'storm'.

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Met Office official A spokesperson warned that thunderstorms were set to put an end to warm weather in a series of storms.

The Met Office has issued amber warnings for Monday from 6am
The Japan Meteorological Agency has issued a yellow warning since 6:00 am on Monday

Nicola Maxey of the Japan Meteorological Agency said: It said that "torrential rain" and "heavy rain" could occur along with the storm, and thunderstorms could continue across the country.

She continued: "It's like watching a pot of water on a stove. It's hard to predict when it will come."

Unpredictable means weather warnings across the country are listed for Monday, with the UK warning of a sudden change in weather.

"Extreme heat comes with a lot of risks," Maxey added, adding that the storm warning will go into effect at 6:00 a.m. on Monday the 15th.

The Bureau of Meteorology said the first storm hit Scotland at 12:00 pm on Sunday, with "houses and businesses It has issued a yellow warning across the UK because it could quickly become flooded.

The rest of the UK is set to hit a later storm at 6am on Monday as a turning point for possible 'sudden floods' and possible 'blackouts' .

Northern Ireland also has a weather alert in place, with possible thunderstorms and yellow warnings listed across the country following service interruptions.

These thunderstorms "will mark the end of the hot and humid weather, with temperatures returning to averages for this time of year," Maxsey added.

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