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How to make hydrangeas bloom in hot weather and why you shouldn't water the leaves

A new heatwave hits the UK, with temperatures of 36 degrees Celsius felt in some parts of southern England.

The Met Office has warned of unrelenting heat for the next few days, and it looks like it will continue beyond the weekend.

That's because water companies have enacted hosepipe bans in England and Wales, making gardening particularly difficult.

That's a tall order for those struggling to keep hydrangeas alive, let alone bloom.

Thanks to Mark Lane, the host of BBC Gardeners World,stairlifts and homes, gardening his lift company, Stannah, his expert, You can keep hydrangeas blooming.

How to get hydrangeas to bloom in hot weather

Mark said. You'll know when your plants need water when they start drooping, but ideally, you should keep the soil moist all the time.

"Too hot can be a problem, but there are things you can do to make your precious hydrangeas look better."

Make sure the soil is moist

Hydrangea cannot be left to dry (



Keeping flowers thriving is especially difficult in some parts of the UK right now with a national hosepipe ban.

Mark added:

"Avoid greasy water, but daily dishwashing water and bath water are fine. Another method is to place a few bowls in the shower to collect run-off.

Add a thick layer of material: compost known as mulch.

"This will help it stay in the water and slow down evaporation. Give your plants a few days a week instead of a little bit each day." , it is better to give them plenty of water."

Use tubes to encourage growth

Hydrangea may need extra help during heat waves

Weather like this is especially important.

Mark continued: ``Place a tube or downpipe next to the plant so that it reaches the roots. , which targets the water.Where you really need it (especially in hot weather, there is no point in watering the leaves)

Water everything, water should come out the bottom of the pot

Don't leave it unattended, it will rot the roots.Overwatering the hydrangea can also cause the plant to wilt, making the gardener think it needs moisture and want to go out and water it. Feel inside and stick your finger up to the second knuckle.

"If it's still damp, don't water it. Yellowing leaves are also a sign of overwatering and stress.

When should I water my hydrangeas?

Watering hydrangeas at the right time makes a big difference (



Watering your hydrangeas at the right time can make a big difference in keeping them blooming.

Mark explains:

``If you grow hydrangeas in the shade, they will hang down more slowly, so if you plant them in a pot, move them to shade. Remove them as soon as possible so that the plant's energy returns to growth and flowering rather than to seed.

"During winter, to protect new shoots from frost and cold, faded leaves in mid-autumn." Don't forget to leave the flowers."