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Humiliated Kwasi Kwarteng and Liz Truss should have the guts to own their blunder

Sad excuse for scandal

Blaming the pressure of the Queen’s funeral for the Conservatives’ Budget for the Rich is a grotesque bid by the Government to shift responsibility.

Humiliated Kwasi Kwarteng and Liz Truss should have the guts to own their blunder instead of hiding behind the monarch’s death.

There was no pressure on the Chancellor or Prime Minister to bung a small fortune to the highest earners in the land.

The pressure is on workers, families and pensioners paying the price for the Tories championing a rich elite over everybody else.

As ex-PM Gordon Brown writes in today’s Mirror, Britain can do better and deserves a Labour Government for the millions – not millionaires in boardrooms.

British Chancellor of the Exchequer Kwasi Kwarteng adjusts his glasse (



A third U-turn from the Tories is also now required to raise benefits in line with prices after the 45p tax cut plan was dropped.

Breaking the link with inflation would hammer the poor, low and middle earners.

But giving help with fuel bills with one hand then grabbing back money with the other would be a very Tory thing to do.

Barking mad

How many more people must die before tough action is taken to stop dog attacks?

The mauling to death of a woman in her 60s in Liverpool by American bulldogs is harrowing and was almost certainly avoidable.

Humanely destroying the animals is not enough and our political leaders must now
reform our dangerous dogs laws as part of a wider strategy to prevent further attacks.

Pet lovers should have nothing to fear from effective legislation designed to save lives.

Bear necessity

Kate Garraway has been on an amazing adventure after discovering she is related to Paddington Bear creator Michael Bond.

She said she is a huge fan of the character and was even nicknamed Paddington as a student for her love of marmalade sarnies.

We’re glad the Good Morning Britain presenter did not keep that under her hat.

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