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"I got engaged at my sister's wedding reception, but she's furious."

A man says his sister is now furious after learning that he proposed to his partner of 10 years at their wedding. According to this man, they had previously discussed marriage and had lived together for years.

They had attended "a lot of nice weddings" together before, but that night felt something special for them and pushed things forward. It seemed like the right time to. The 29-year-old said, "There was no big show, no kneeling, just an intimate moment between the two of us at the reception.

Only revealed the happy news at a family gathering to meet the newlyweds before their honeymoon. Unfortunately, his sister did not He didn't take the surprise very well and accused him of trying to "steal her thunder".

She accuses them of "trying to steal lightning" (stock photo) (


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Reminds me of newly engaged man - goes by username u/engagementhelp_ - on Reddit: but I had a short family visit yesterday to meet my sister and her new husband before leaving for our honeymoon. Of that special moment she helped facilitate, even if it was not intended.''

He continued.

"I had no intention of sharing this story with anyone other than myself and my husband's immediate family and friends." Also, I didn't draw attention to myself, so I thought it didn't hurt." On reflection, they agreed that he had done nothing wrong, but warned him to take it lightly.

"As long as you don't make a fuss in the future or advertise that you're engaged at your sister's wedding. And whenever someone is talking about your sister's wedding, Never bring up your engagement."

Another agreed: get married or celebrate at a reception.

"In no way does it mean that two people can't personally decide to get engaged at a wedding and tell others later. I would be so touched if you inspired me.Congratulations.I'm sorry your sister doesn't look the same."

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