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'I kicked my mum-in-law out from my wedding for wearing white - it's unacceptable'

Although it's widely considered a faux pas to wear white to a wedding, many would make exceptions for guests who have no other option. One bride says her mother-in-law was forced to change out of her turquoise frock at her wedding reception, as she ended up getting food all down it.

According to the miffed bride, her mother-in-law had broken her wrists in a 'serious riding accident' just a few days before the ceremony, and so had been struggling to eat her dinner as she normally would. After getting food down her front, she headed off to change into something else, returning wearing a white cocktail dress.

Her mother-in-law had been struggling to eat with two broken wrists (Stock Photo) (


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Taking to Reddit, the unnamed bride wrote that she was in 'shock' after spotting the outfit change, and decided to 'gently' confront her mother-in-law regardless of her injuries.

She continued: "She said that was the only other dress she had as she brought it to go out with her boyfriend the following night. I said she can't be wearing white at my wedding and she rolled her eyes.

"She snapped at me that her wrists are 'f****** broken' and told me to just leave her alone. She tried saying it was fine because it was a cocktail dress and not floor length, but I felt really uncomfortable.

"I asked her to please put the other dress on and she said she was not wearing a food-stained dress. I found my husband and told him how uncomfortable I was and he told her to put the other dress back on or leave. So she left."

Other family members weren't happy about the fall-out, however. The newlywed had assumed everyone was over it until a recent family meal, where her mother-in-law acted 'very cold' towards her, and she now wonders whether she'd gone overboard with her reaction to the dress.

One fellow Reddit user commented: "To me, it's the trade-off between a couple of hours of feeling weird vs the rest of your marriage having your partner's family remember out loud or just to each other how you were hyper petty and kicked your husband's mum out of the wedding. You never recover from that. Not ever.

"Memory is spotty but everyone will remember she had two recently broken wrists and bridezilla kicked her out of the wedding. There will be no nuance it will only be remembered that way. And any conflict or minor disagreement that comes up as they will, her character will forever be questioned. Talk about picking the dumbest hill to die on."

Another advised: "Both of her wrists were broken and you are stressing about what color [sic] she is wearing after the dinner? You sound really cold. She is going to be your mother-in-law for a long time and you are getting off to a bad start.

"I don't believe apologies fix everything, but you owe her one for sure. If you really think that your husband is incredible, show a little kindness to his mother."

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