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I'm a dollar tree super fan – I used a $ 10 hack. This is great for lessors to decorate their homes with a splash of color.

Dollar Tree shoppers have revealed how she brightened her home with colored patterns for just $ 10.

Fans praise the clever hack and say it's perfect for the lessor.

Redditor said he put a green patterned wallpaper purchased fromDollar Treearound the frame of the white door.

Posted by Home Decoration Enthusiast: "Our little corridor now houses small pop colors and patterns for $ 10"

She remained shocked when she realized that the paper was durable.

Fans have said that intricate leaf design wallpapers are a great idea.

One post: "I really love how effective this is !!"

Another comment: "I'm completely stealing this great idea."

While the third Redditor is erupting, "This is great !!! Well done."

Meanwhile, craft loverslook normal in flowerpots. Transformedinto the perfect accessory for any garden.

Liz Fenwick said he only used pots and ropes to make planters and it only cost $ 2 to make them.

In a clip uploaded to her Facebook page, Fenwick made a hole in the pot before passing a piece of the Dollar Tree voyage rope through the gap. I opened it.

She recommended sticking tape to the end of the rope if she was having trouble getting the rope through the hole.

Next, Fenwick stabbed a third rope and connected it to the point where the other two strands meet.

She wrapped tape around three ropes to keep them stuck together.

Fenwick removed all of her extra rope before placing the plant in her work.

She also explained how to turn afunky towel into a decorative pillow.

AndTikToker claims to have managed to recreate a gorgeous chandelierworth over $ 400 using Dollar Tree items.

DIY enthusiasts used poster boards, spray paint, titles, and wire leads before installing the light bulbs.