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I’m a farmer – my three-step DIY hack will keep beetles away from your plants, I could see proof it worked in an hour

A FARMER has revealed the handy hack he uses to rid his garden of beetles.

The gardening expert demonstrated how quickly the DIY method can work.

TikTok user Steve (@farmersteve727) explained: "Cucumber beetle infestation can be devastating to your garden."

In his video, the TikToker showed his followers how to put together a DIY trap for the pests.

"Here’s a simple trap that will add to your line of defense in protecting your garden," Steve told viewers.

He continued: "You’ll need plastic cups, a sticky compound, I use Tree Tanglefoot, zip ties, and cotton balls. An attractant I use is clove essential oil. And [you'll need] a garden stake."

The content creator showed his audience how he made two small holes in the base of each cup.

The farmer then added zip ties through the holes and attached the cups to the garden stake.

"Put two on each post. Now coat both inside and out with your sticky compound," Steve said.

The TikToker advised his followers to wear gloves to avoid any further mess.

"Next coat cotton balls with the attractant, then put the cotton balls in the bottom of cups. Just push into the sticky compound and they will hold," he explained.

Steve added: "Then just drive the stake into the ground near the area of concern. Change out your cups periodically."

The influencer showed his followers how speedy the solution worked, with a handful of beetles stuck to the cups.

"This is only an hour after I installed it," the content creator told viewers.

"Thanks! Going to try it. Hopefully, no lizards get caught," wrote one follower.

Another viewer said: "I have the clove oil and stakes now to find yellow cups and the sticky stuff."

"Thank you, this is very helpful," commented a third person.