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I’m a gardening whizz – my £1.60 hack makes caring for hanging baskets really easy

A GARDENING whizz has revealed a £1.60 hack that make caring for your hanging baskets easy.

TikTok user Angel, who goes under the name semiorganized_chaos, showed viewers a clever gadget which means you won't have to strain and stretch to water your flowers.

Angel demonstrated to her followers how to make use of an adjustable plant hook.

It works by clipping one end onto the anchor point from which you hang your basket and the other ends onto a hook or handle attached to the basket itself.

This allows it to hang as it would from a normal fixture.

However, the plant hook offers something different as it contains a pulley, which can be used to adjust the height of the basket and pull it down without unhooking it.

Angel described the handy device as a "life hack".

As her husband showed off the pulley feature, she explained: "Then when it's time to water it....ta-da.

It can then be pushed back up with little effort to its original height.

Perhaps the best part is that there is a wide range of such gadgets available online, costing as little as £1.61 on Amazon.

One wrote: "Love it."

Another simply said: "Brilliant."

Yet another said: "That's awesome."

It comes after another garden guru revealed that a 20p kitchen staple will stop insects from infesting your plants and flowers.

Meanwhile, a third green-fingered TikTokker explained how they got rid of pesky weeds for good with a savvy 80p hack.