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I’m a hot policewoman – other female officers are jealous of the attention I get, I’m sick of their snarky comments

A POLICEWOMAN has told how other female officers were jealous over the fact suspects and colleagues thought she was hot.

Bella Lexi, 47, was a cop for more than 25 years until she quit in 2021.

The ex-lieutenant, who worked the Colorado beat in America, claims she often stood out from the crowd because of her good looks.

But that didn’t always go down well with her fellow officers who felt left out. 

She says: “I am outgoing and an extrovert which probably didn't help the situation.  

“My goal was to always have people feel valued; women included.

“However, I think at times it was misinterpreted as more.  

“I worked with some very dynamite female cops and treated everyone the same I felt.  

Bella previously told how she’s so hot that suspects would flirt with her all the time.

She said: "I could tell sometimes officers were flirting with me but I never fed into it or entertained it, I kept that line very clear.  

“Suspects, citizens, and inmates flirted with me all the time.  

“They would call me honey, baby, sweetie, darlin' you name it.

"I would always correct them that the only respectful things to call me were ma'am, deputy, sergeant or lieutenant depending on the position I held at the time."