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I am an interior expert. Here's how to add £ 10,000 to the value of your home just by placing furniture.

Selling a home can be difficult at best, but now it's even harder.

However, there are several ways to stage a home and encourage buyers to make an immediate offer. You don't have to spend a fortune to remodel your home and sell it right away. Talking to

Metro,Kirsty Oakes,Hammonds Furniture, the best way to stage your home Became clear. Quick sale, and they can even add an additional £ 10,000 to the value of the property.

Clean up all the rooms

Minimalist interiors are all the rage, so if you plan to sell your home soon, all the decorations You may want to get rid of and other small items. ..

These are great if you live in a house, but they can actually interfere with the sales process, and potential buyers should instead imagine their belongings in that space. can not.

"Keeping personal souvenirs and other ornaments makes the room look bigger and gives viewers a better idea of ​​what their belongings will look like in space. You will be able to do it, "says Kirsty.

According to real estate professionals, the average person is ready to offer a £ 3,600 higher price than the asking price of a minimalist interior home.

She adds: "This style is even more appreciated by the younger generation, with 12% of 18-24 year olds claiming to offer a price that is £ 10,000 higher than the asking price for a home decorated in this style."

Refresh the wall

For quick sale, Kirsty paints the wall in a neutral color such as white, duck egg blue, or light gray. Is recommended.

She adds that a recent Hammons survey found that 33% of those asked were postponing the purchase of a home with the greatest aesthetics.

24% say they look elsewhere when they see a house with "ugly wallpaper" and 19% are sent off to a house with a hole in the wall.

Enhance the look

It's not just the interior that matters, but the outside of the home can also influence potential buying decisions, and the buyer's One-third are less likely to buy a house with a messy garden.

"Empty gardens and exteriors may indicate to potential buyers that other areas of your home may also be ignored, so a strong first. To make an impression, make sure the outside of the property is as attractive as the inside, "says Kirsty. ..

You should always have an outdoor space in place before you look at your property so that it looks like it's in good condition.

Kirsty recommends removing weeds from driveways and gardens and repainting the front door or replacing it as needed.

Sensually appealing

Yes, it's true that having a nice scented house can add value to your property.

Kirsty said:

"Unpleasant odors can be very unpleasant for potential buyers. When 37% of British people admit the smell of pets, they lose their property. "

Not only does it smell good, but it also keeps the house at optimal temperature so that the viewer does not overheat or freeze. Both may postpone the purchase.

"On hot summer days, deflate the house before viewing. If the house is particularly hot, you can also use a fan," Kirsty adds.