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I’m a jewellery pro, my hack to ensure your necklaces never get tangled and always look stylish

IF you like accessorising layered necklaces to finish off your outfit perfectly, you’ll know how easy it is for them to get all tangled up together, or not sit right. 

But now a jewellery pro has shared their handy hack to stop this from happening – and it’s been hailed as a game changer. 

Jewellery brand Astrid and Miyu uploaded a video to their TikTok account @astridandmiyu in which they lifted the lid on a trick they say will “literally change your life”. 

The company, who design and make their own products from necklaces to earrings, then wrote: “No gatekeeping here.

“If you learn one thing from our jewellery vids let it be this necklace layering hack.”

The woman in the video then explained: “If you’ve got two necklaces that you want to wear together but they don’t sit right because they’re a similar length, this is the hack for you.” 

@astridandmiyu continued to show the easy, foolproof method, as they put both necklaces around their neck, but with the claps hanging down in the front instead of the back.  

They then told their 58.2k followers: “Put them on in reverse and then connect the opposites together.”

Demonstrating exactly how it’s done, the woman connected one of the necklaces to the other, before moving on to the other and later said: “Attach the link of necklace A to the clasp of necklace B.

“And the link of necklace B to the clasp of necklace A.” 

She continued: “When you bring them round, they should sit perfectly like that.

“And then you can adjust the length, so you can make one into a little choker, or you can make the other one shorter.

“You can really mix and match with the lengths.”

But that’s not the only use of the jewellery hack, as Astrid and Miyu also revealed that it should stop them getting all tangled up with one another – something that repeatedly happens.

She added: “You can swing around, they don’t get tangled – it’s fantastic!” 

And the company’s followers agreed with her, as they said they had seen the video and then tried it out for themselves.

One commented: “Very clever, worked a treat, thank you for sharing.”

A second said: “Love this idea!”

While a third wrote: “OMG genius.” 

The video has also received almost 5k likes and has been saved 1.9k times over for jewellery fans to test at home.