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I’m a mashed potato addict – the 95p ingredient you need to add to yours to make it the best ever


A MASHED potato addict has revealed the 95p secret ingredient that elevates the side dish and makes it the best ever.

Jason took to TikTok to share a video as part of his "Everything you need to know about mashed potatoes" series, as he explained the "baking powder hack".

"A teaspoon of baking powder makes your mashed potatoes so fluffy and fabulous," he said.

"So before you mash, add a teaspoon - it works like a levelling agent and makes them super fluffy."

But others were keen to give it a go, with one writing: "Creates small air pockets....had to Google it to find out why.

"Now I can't wait to try it! Thanks for the tip!"

"This was my dad’s secret ingredient," another added.

"He passed last year, and now we use the secret ingredient."

"I use a teaspoon in my eggs when I’m making scrambled eggs, makes them fluffy," someone else commented.

"I find it gave it a weird taste on the potatoes directly but some in the boiling water seems to add a little ooomph," another wrote.

"My dad always did this and it’s true it works so well," someone else said.

As another revealed: "I drop in 2 raw eggs while whipping...does the same thing."

"I have never heard of this but it’s happening on Thursday," someone else said.