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I’m an elegance expert and there are five things that make you look cheap – ripped jeans & bra straps on show are awful

FROM dozens of designer logos to gemstone-covered acrylics, the list of what's considered to be anything but elegant is long.

But according to one expert, there are five things that are more common than you might think, and it's high time you left ripped jeans in the past.

The TikTok user, Anatasia, from Rugby, the UK, took to social media to share the biggest mistakes that instantly cheap your appearance.

The whizz, who loves all things fashion, elegance and travel, started off the list of the no-nos with a must-have for most people - hair ties on your wrist.

Although it's handy to have one ready for all emergencies, Anastasia suggested to simply put them in your purse.

Next up in the now-viral video was bright plastic jewellery - as much of a hit as it was this past summer, she believed it has no place in an elegant woman's wardrobe.

The same, she went on, also applies for ripped jeans, which caused a major debate amongst viewers, some of whom thought they were a ''vibe''.

If you want to come across as an elegant lady, Anastasia revealed it's not just your outfit that needs to be taken care of - your nails do too.

To those who said that not everyone has the time to get their nails done, she hit back saying it was all about priorities.

''If there’s time to be on social media, there’s time for manicures.

''We can always make time for self care.

''You can just file them and make sure they’re neat and tidy,'' she said, adding that quality polish can be found for as little as £3.

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The elegance enthusiast ended the short list with bra straps peeking through your garments - another error that, in her opinion, makes for a less classy look.

Racking up close to 560,000 views in just a week, the clip has taken the social media platform by storm, leaving many furious about her recommendations.

One commented: ''I have em all except plastic jewellery so guess I’m cheap then...''

Someone else thought: ''Chipped nails and ripped jeans are such a good vibe though.''

Another added: ''hard working women maybe feel me bad we don't have time for manicures.''

''i know for a fact amma wear rugged jeans to my death bed,'' a fourth chuckled.