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I was on Married At First Sight but backed out of wedding after groom told me he had an incurable STD

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A TOP Married At First Sight star has revealed she pulled out of her nuptials after her groom told her he had an STD.

Melissa Sheppard, who featured on the Australian version of the hit reality TV series, has revealed producers were "p***ed off" after the last-minute change of plans.

The hairdresser became a household name Down Under in Married At First Sight's current series - yet the chaos was caused during filming for a previous instalment.

Show bosses were obliged to let her know the results of her original partner's test - which prompted her to make her decision just 10 days before they were set to say I Do.

Melissa told Yahoo Lifestyle: "When you start doing the auditions for being a part of the series, you go through tests and personality type tests and STD checks and health checks, which is great.

"Unfortunately, my partner's test results had come back with a few things that weren't right for him, which I felt so terrible for, and they had to make me aware of it."

She added: "It's not something that you can take a tablet and go away, it's something that he has to manage for the rest of his life.

"It's not like you meet someone out and you have a chance to get to know them and go, 'Hey, I really like you, I've got a disclaimer, I've got XYZ'.

“That's not the version of the story.

"The version of the story is you're meeting a stranger to sleep next to and build a relationship with that you know nothing about… It just was something that I wasn't comfortable with."

She told how show bosses had asked her to continue with the match.

Yet the star wanted to make it clear she was "not comfortable" with the impact it may have had on her life.

Doctors have recently recommended all under 30's get an STI test if they are sexually active.

Earlier this year Melissa, who was dubbed the show's "horny bride", addressed rumours she was starting an OnlyFans page.

She even dubbed herself a "freak in the sheets" with partner Josh White.

It came after she promised fans a series of "racy" content.

In news that may well disappoint her loyal following, Melissa told the same publication she will not be creating a profile on the site.

She said: "To all my followers, I am so apologetic but no, you will not be seeing me on OnlyFans.

"Anybody that does that, my hat goes off to them and hand on heart, you do whatever floats your boat."