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Jason Reach was "concerned" about the increase in covid cases when issuing face-covering guidance.

Jason Reach admitted that he was "concerned" about the increase in cases of coronavirus, as he urged Scott to think about reintroducing the face cover.

Scotland'sNational Clinical Directorhas a newcovidvariant vaccine available to the Covid-19 Recovery Commission MSP to combat the increase in infection. He said it could be.

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Reach told the Commission that Scottish people should consider reintroducing face coverings and hand washing.

When asked about the current variant of Omicron, he said: .. It still responds well to antivirals and also to vaccines. People are not seriously ill, but as their numbers grow, they are hospitalized and eventually die particularly vulnerable.

"Looking at Europe as a whole, we expect this to not peak at the levels we saw when Omicron first hit us a few months ago.

"Our advice remains almost the same, but we can see that our tone has changed in the last few weeks, whether you're sick, whether it's college, work or school. It's about leaving, if any.

"Face covering, hand washing, ensuring that the surface of all these antiviral agents is reintroduced or considered, and, of course, important interventions remain vaccination.

Regarding the potential of new vaccines, Reach said: Let's look at the variants. We will see which vaccines are available as new variants may be available by the fall. Not now.

"If you provided a vaccine today, is it better to wait and give a variant vaccine? Science isn't there yet."

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