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Lauren Conrad reveals she had an ectopic pregnancy

Lauren Conrad said he experienced aectopic pregnancysix years ago because the U.S. Supreme Court overturnedRoe v Wade. I made it clear.

The HillsStars to this week's Instagram story following a groundbreaking ruling that ends the constitutional rights ofabortion. Sharing her experience in a post paves the way for individual US states to ban procedure.

"The last few days have been hard," Conrad wrote. "I wanted to share my experience with life-saving reproductive medicine.

" Six years ago, when I was about to start a family, I had an ectopic pregnancy. With rapid medical care, the doctor saved my Faropian tube and enabled two healthy pregnancies.

"Many women in my life experience their own miscarriage. In each case, I am grateful that I was able to receive the necessary medical care safely and make decisions freely.

"It is difficult to talk about abortion. It is horrifying. It can be sad and confusing, and it divides us, but especially if we disagree, we need to talk and listen with respect to each other. "

Conrad has been married to musician Williamtel since 2014. She has two children in the couple. Sons Liam (4 years old) and Charlie (2 years old).

Ectopic pregnancy occurs when a fertilized egg is transplanted outside the uterus, most commonly into the Faropius canal, and grows.

If this happens, the egg will not grow into a baby. It can also cause rupture and internal bleeding, endangering the life of the mother.

It is impossible to save an ectopic pregnancy and it is necessary to use medicine or end it with surgery.

According to NHS, in the UK, about 1 in every 90 pregnancies is ectopic, which is equivalent to about 11,000 pregnancies per year.

Rights groups have expressed concern about how the June 24 decision of the US Supreme Court will affect people suffering from ectopic pregnancy.

The court ruling does not mention ectopic pregnancy, and all states where abortion is currently illegal include exceptions that protect the lives of mothers in medical emergencies.

However, campaign participants have unclear thresholds for exceptions to save their mother's life, which poses a legal challenge for doctors who decide to end their pregnancy. I emphasized.

One woman from Texas – The abortion trigger ban is expected to come into effect by the end of July – has to drive 15 people inNew YorkermagazineHours in New Mexico to get rid of her ectopic pregnancy, who said she had to.

UK-based charityEctopic Pregnancy Trustconfuses ectopic pregnancy with access to abortion services Said.

"Medical professionals must be able to treat women diagnosed with ectopic pregnancy with unlimited access to all clinical resources without fear of threat, abuse or litigation." Said the charity in a statement on June 24th.