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Liz Truss names Rishi Snacks clashing over cost-of-living crisis a doom-monger

LIZ Truss branded Rishi Sunak as a fate broker yesterday as they clashed over a cost of living crisis.

The Foreign Secretary predicted that Britain's best days were on the horizon as he dismissed the 'decay talk'.

Ms Truss again stressed tax cuts — ex-Prime Minister Sunak backer Dominic Raab called the policy an "electoral will."

Before the Hastings in Darlington, Co. Durham, Ms Trusscut her opponent's tax record in half with the future Prime Minister. did.

She said:

``We are conservatives. We believe in low tax rates.

``I do not agree with these omens of doom. I believe the best times for the country are yet to come.

Mr Sunak said yesterday to pressured Britons this year to help with rising energy bills projected to jump to £4,266 a year by January.

He also wants to abolish environmental protection taxes, health insurance taxes and social welfare taxes.

His campaign team claimed she was "divorced from reality."

Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace 40} supported Mr Truss and urged them to stop their "unnecessary attacks". 44} to help win. ''