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Liz Truss caught by Hot Mike apologizing for attacking media during Tory proceedings

Liz Truss was caught by a hot Mike apologizing for attacking the media during the Tory leadership's husting in Darlington.

Secretary of Foreign Affairs accused "part of the media" of trying to "speak our country" while even, and accused journalists of assembling questions in a "left-wing way." ..

Journalist Tom Newton Dunn asked Mr. Truss about plans to use tax cuts to help raiseenergy prices. He mentioned "your handout" in an attempt to ask a question.

Ms. Truss interrupted, "They are not Tom's giveaway. This is people's money, but this is a matter of how to put together all the questions."

Liz Truss apologized to TalkTV journalist Tom Newton Dunn after the debate (


AFP via Getty Images)

She added: "Tom framing in a left-wing way.

I'm worried that the whole "I" media is doing this all the time ... it makes me angry.

Some audiences shouted that it was "media."

Ms. Truss said: "

Asked to clarify her view, she outlined that she was a" loyal cabinet minister, "but she said," What was done was done and I We are where we are now, "she didn't answer the question directly.

She then talked about her spending promises and her plans, and Ms. Truss said:

The Foreign Minister attacked the media at least three times during Husting (



Newton Dan replied: Attacked the media. Many support your campaign.

When she hugged Husting's host at the end of the event, Ms. Truss could be heard saying: About the media, Tom.

Newton Dan was able to hear the jib about the media saying, "It's cheap and you know it."

In the first half of Husting,Rishi Sunakasked the same question as to whether Johnson's "fall" was due to himself or someone else. It's his own fault. "

Snack's resignation in July was seen as an important move to encourage Johnson to resign.

Richmond also said that a cross-party group of lawmakers would "make the right decision" to investigate whether Mr Johnson lied to Congress over the faction and "fully support them." ".

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