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Liz Truss defeats Boris Johnson's claim that female Putin would not have invaded Ukraine

Liz Truss keeps away from Boris Johnson's claim thatRussiadid not invade Ukraine if Vladimir Putin was a woman. increase.

The Prime Minister argued that the devastating onslaught of the Russian President was "a perfect example of toxic masculinity" and was not carried out by female leaders.

Ms. Truss, one of the oldest women in the government, said that analyzing Putin's thinking was "useless", but he was clearly "a very, very evil act." Has the ability to do. "

The Secretary of Foreign Affairs told Times Radio: I can do a psychological analysis about him, but I don't think it helps.

When asked if the female leader was not so aggressive, Ms. Truss said: .. "

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said trying to analyze Putin was" useless " (


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I was forced to see if the invasion occurred regardless of Putin's gender. , She told LBC: I don't say so. I'm just saying that there are very bad women and men.

"I don't think it matters about the gender of Vladimir Putin. I think it's true that he has this ambition for the bigger Russia he's been talking about for decades.

"After the Cold War, we exacerbated this situation because it was not enough to detain the Soviet Union to explain the crimes committed.

A notorious photo of a Russian leaderriding a shirtless horse after Johnson and the G7 leaderridiculed.

On a warm day in the Bavarian Alps, the Prime Minister joked."Would you like to take off your clothes?"

He added: "We have to show that we are tougher than Putin."

Canada's Prime Minister Justin Tolu has equipped a "naked chest ride" in 2019, referring to the infamous photo of Kremlin Despot riding shirtless in the mountains. : "You need to display the page."

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