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Love Island 2023 LIVE — Maya Jama reveals the ‘pressure’ of hosting as former islander gives Molly Marsh fierce advice

LOVE Island 2023 is less than a week away and the show's iconic host has spoken of the "pressures" involved in leading the hit series.

Maya Jama, who is hosting her second series of Love Island, said: "Now there’s a bit more of an expectation, I just want to make sure that I live up to that expectation again…. The pressure is on for my stylist because the dresses did very well last series."

She went on to add how excited she is to be back on the show, saying: "It’s a nice feeling to be involved in a show that I’ve loved and been a fan of for so long."

This comes as former Islander Tasha Ghouri was asked if she could offer any tips to Molly Marsh and Jess Harding as well as the other new stars.

Tasha replied saying: "Be yourself and enjoy it, don't care about people's opinions. Just be you, it's your journey."

Read our Love Island live blog below for the latest updates and gossip...

  • Love Island winner rushed to hospital after accident

    Matchmaking show winner Olivia Bowen, 29 - who was training for a horse race - told fans today she was headed to hospital for a scan.

    The mum-of-one - who is married to co-star Alex Bowen, 31 - wrote on Instagram: "A broken wrist.

    "Gutted doesn't cover it."

  • Who is in the Love Island 2023 cast?

    A new batch of sexy singletons are signed up for the summer Love Island 2023.

    The line-up of Islanders so far includes:

    • Andre Furtado, business owner
    • Jess Harding, business owner
    • Mitchel Taylor, gas engineer
    • Catherine Agbaje, real estate agent
    • George Fensom, business development executive
    • Molly Marsh, actress and content creator
    • Ruchee Gurung, beautician
    • Ella Thomas, supermodel
    • Jess Harding, beauty clinic owner
    • Tyrique Hyde, semi-professional footballer
    • Mehdi Edno, French model
  • Maya Jama stopped by airport immigration officers for very unusual reason

    Maya Jama has revealed she was hauled in by immigration when jetting into the US recently – because the officer wanted to talk Love Island. 

    The jetsetter, 28, can’t escape the ITV2 show, which returns for its tenth series next week. 

    She said: “It’s not even celebrities, it’s just everywhere I go. 

    “I was in the airport recently going to America and the woman at immigration was telling me how much she loved the show. 

    “She was asking me questions about all of the Islanders.

    “I wasn’t asked any questions about why I was in the country, but instead everything that went down last series.”

  • Maya Jama meets Love Island fans ‘everywhere she goes’

    Maya Jama revealed she can’t escape Love Island’s runaway success as the show returns for its 10th season next week.

    She said: “It’s not even celebrities, it’s just everywhere I go. 

    “I was in the airport recently going to America and the woman at immigration was telling me how much she loved the show. 

    Maya is set for her second stint as host next week, following her wildly successful debut series in the winter.

  • Maya reveals new twist

    The new series of Love Island is set to begin on Monday, June 5, and Maya Jama revealed a big twist ahead of next week, with fans being able to VOTE on which singletons couple up in the first episode.

    The public can head over to the official app now to submit their votes.

  • How to apply for Love Island?

    The hit reality programme will return to Majorca when the tenth series airs on ITV2 next month.

    The commercial broadcaster has already launched an official website for prospective singletons to apply.

    The website reads: “ITV2 are looking for vibrant singles from across the UK who want to head to the sun, in search of love!

    “The chosen cast will spend time in a luxury villa, getting to know one another, but to remain in paradise they must win the hearts of the public and their fellow Islanders who ultimately decide their fate on Love Island.

    “If you think you’ve got what it takes, then we want to hear from you straight away.”

  • What’s Maya Jama favourite Love Island moment?

    Maya Jama is set to host this year’s summer series after her success in Cape Town.

    Ahead of its premiere on June 5, Maya was asked what’s her favourite moment from the show.

    She referenced back to 2019’s series five, saying: “It has to be when Maura was going to the hideaway with Tom but overheard him talking about her to the boys which led to her kicking off at him in the garden.

    “It was just the instant flip-over, he nearly had a chance, but he got caught out and ruined it.”

    Can’t help but agree, it was truly ICONIC.

  • Catherine unrecognisable in old snaps

    Islander Catherine Agbaje looks completely different in pictures with blonde hair.

    The real estate agent from Dublin will enter the villa with dark brown locks as she’s set to make heads turn.

    Look at how different Catherine looks in a completely different hairstyle and colour.

  • Fashion expert reveals what your Love Island-style swimwear says about you

    What does your Love Island go-to look say about you? 

    Here, Fabulous’ fashion editor Clemmie Fieldsend reveals all. 

    Speaking on Jess' sequin bikini, Clemmie said: "This year's blonde bombshell is Jess Harding, a businesswoman from London who favours the classic sequin bikini.

    "But whilst Jess’ shimmering two-piece is bound to catch glances from the show's lads, sequined swimwear is old-fashioned.  

    "Plus, their itchy plastic will only make your skin feel hotter and irritated when basking in the sun."

    Read more on bikini choices here.

  • George ‘pleased’ his ex branded him a ‘liar’

    George Fensom is “pleased” that his ex has branded him a “liar” before he entered the Love Island so that he has the opportunity to address the claims now.

    He told The Sun: “Actually, I am glad I’ve had the chance to speak to you about it because it gives me the opportunity to defend myself and explain what the situation is and how it all came about.

    “What happens now is I have been given the opportunity to explain the situation, defend myself and hopefully we can just move forward in the villa and I will be acting as I do now.”

  • Ruchee reveals why she’s banned from having sex in the villa

    Ruchee Gurung will not be having sex in the villa because she doesn’t want to upset her mum or the Nepalese community.

    The 24-year-old beautician, who hails from Nepal, explained her family have been ‘open-minded’ about her decision to do the show but she’s aware that more ‘conservative’ Nepalese people might struggle with her doing it.

    Asked how her family reacted to her entering the famous villa, Ruchee explained: “My mum didn’t really quite understand it at first because she had not watched it.

    “But I came home one day and she was like ‘oh I watched a few videos on YouTube’ and I was like ‘right’, she was like ‘there is a lot of tongue kissing’ and she was like ‘is that what you are going to be doing?’.

    “I said I think I am going to have to, if I like someone I will do it, if there are challenges I think I will have to. She was like ‘just do what you need to do but don’t have sex on TV’. I was like ‘no, no, no that is not even an option’.”

    She continued: “My family has been supportive. I think from an Asian background, they can be quite narrow minded or closed off to things like this. But my family is more open minded. We don’t live in very Nepalese community, we live in Surrey.”

  • Tyrique Hyde reveals why he’d have sex on show 

    Tyrique Hyde says he'd have sex on Love Island - but only under one condition.

    The 23-year-old Dartford midfielder says the decision to romp in the villa is a "bit of a sticky one".

    Tyrique, whose dad Micah was a footballer, said he's being watched from home by his mum and teenage sister who are both massive fans of Love Island.

    Keen not to get intimate in front of them, Tyrique says he'd have sex if he felt a "connection" - and would hope the villa cameras wouldn't catch him at it.

    "Sex is a bit of a sticky one because obviously I've got a younger sister," Tyrique told The Sun.

    "She's 14 and I've got a mum who they are avid Love Island fans, you know what I mean?

    "They watch the show every night together, so it's a bit of sticky one where I'm not really gonna be going in there just having sex every night sort of thing.

    "But if I do find a connection, genuinely and like them, if it was right then I'm not against having sex just under the covers so they don't see."

  • Voting has now opened!

    Time to play cupid?

    You can now vote in Love Island's major twist.

    You can decide which islanders will be coupled up together.

  • Are Samie and Tom back together?

    Winter islanders Samie and Tom hint at a rekindling of their romance.

    It comes after Samie shared a picture with her family and travel companion Claudia Fogarty while holding up her phone showing she's on FaceTime with Tom.

    Then she shared a second picture of Tom smiling as he video-called her while she's away on a cruise.

  • George hits back at ex

    George Fensom insists that the “wrong picture” has been painted of him after his ex came out calling him “a cheat and a liar.”

    He hit back at her while speaking to The Sun, saying: “I want to be respectful towards her because I understand that she isn’t in the public eye, I don’t want to name any names but I know who you are talking about.

    “That isn’t an accusation that reflects me at all, I couldn’t be any further from that accusation and I feel quite upset about that accusation.

    “But at the end of the day I’ve just got to move forward now and ultimately go into the villa and prove that isn’t the George that’s been painted a picture of, that isn’t me, that would never be me.

    “I really can’t think of anything worse than being something like that.”

    Read all about the claims that George’s ex made here.

  • George breaks silence on accusation of homophobic tweets

    George Fensom has been accused of sending homophobic slurs in a series of tweets.

    The tweets resurfaced from a deleted account in 2014, when he would have been 15.

    Now, he broke his silence after they've been heavily circulating and raised fury among fans.

    Speaking to The Sun, he said: "I honestly just feel absolutely sick about those tweets are not who I am today, they couldn't be any further from the man I am today and you quite frankly, if I could turn back time I wouldn't even have put those. 

    "To be honest with you, it's me being really naive at that age. I made the account back in 2011, so it's just stupidity on my behalf and doesn't reflect on who I am today at all."

  • Molly Marsh with best odds to win Love Island

    The bookies have already started releasing odds on who this year's summer Love Island winners might be.

    Ladbrokes have put 21-year-old Molly Marsh as the favourite for the girls while Mitchel Taylor is the favourite amongst the boys.

    Both contestants have odds of 11/4.

    Alex Apati of Ladbrokes said: “Love Island fans can’t wait for the famous villa to welcome 10 new singletons, and punters are already leaning to a couple of names in particular, in the shape of Mitchel and Molly.”

  • Molly Marsh unrecognisable in throwback snap

    Love Island fans will soon see blondie Molly Marsh enter the villa in the hope to find love.

    However, looking back at some old pictures of the 21-year-old, the musical theatre performer from Doncaster can be seen with brunette hair.

    See how Molly looks completely unrecognisable here.

  • Inside Molly Marsh's family farm

    Molly Marsh - who's set to join the Love Island villa this summer - gave a glimpse inside her incredible family farm.

    The musical theatre performer from Yorkshire shares videos on her TikTok which she films around her family home.

    Fans can see her and her sister Maisie creating dance routines.

    The dining area features a brick wall, a flat screen TV placed in the middle and a table and bench to sit down on while the modern home boasts an incredible arch window to look out onto the garden.

    Molly films many videos in the hallway which has an impressive imperial staircase, plain white walls and wooden flooring which is all lit up by natural light.

    Have a look at it here.

  • The secret talent Andre Furtado has

    2023 islander Andre Furtado is not just a pretty face – but he can also speak four languages.

    He said: “I’m charming, I’m going to bring good looks and some language lessons. I’m going to teach the other Islanders PortugueseSpanish and a little bit of Creole. I think I’ve got every slice of the pie.”

    Who says that Brits can only speak English?

  • Is Catherine Agbaje on social media?

    Catherine’s social media following is set to soar now she is a Love Island star.

    She loves to keep people up-to-date on Instagram, and has a good following on her popular channel.

    You can join her fans on her handle @catherine_agbaje.

  • What will Jess bring to the villa?

    Speaking to ITV about what she will bring to the villa, Jess said: “Firstly I think I’ve got quite a big personality and I’ve got a heart of gold. I can stand up for myself if I need to.

    "I’m honest, and I love, love. I’m also a really good girlfriend.

    “Because every boy is giving me the ick at the moment. I feel like it’s fate because I’m saving myself for Mr Right in the Villa!”