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Love Island fans were convinced that a couple had a secret sex last night – did you find it?

LOVE Island fans are confident that a couple had sex secretly at the show on Wednesday night.

At the end of last night's explosive episode at ITV2, viewers found the duvet moving as the pair went to bed together.

Jack, 23, and Page, 24 Composed after a fierce verbal war that saw rugby players last night Was doneblamed the "gas lamp". Fans of

Love Islandremained furious when Jack went to a chat on Tuesday night when he said "poor" to the paramedics.

Last night he made a terrible apology to his partner before the reunion, where Page decided to stick to him as a couple.

After a dramatic night, they snuggled up in bed together-and viewers were convinced they had seen them having secret sex.

"Jack and Page are having sex. Yeah," he wrote as the second chime, "Omjack and Page were having sex."

The third person added:

"It's no wonder Jack behaves like him even if he's rewarded for sex. Page makes himself a little silly," the fourth agreed. After a fan of Love Island was furious to see Page and Jack chat after a heart rate challenge.

Page combined with Jay Younger after choosing her in the reunion last week, but she clarified her feelings for Jack. .. The

couple shared their hearts on the weekend , where the rugby star admitted that he had a hard time opening up about his emotions.

However, there have been many disagreements over the last two days, and fans have questioned his "manipulative" behavior .

Jack pulled Page aside for a chat on Tuesday. After it was revealed that his heart rate was most elevated by his ex Gemma Owen.

Jack investigated, even though Page claimed to be okay with the accident.

Seemingly confused, Page asked: "What are you coming to me for? Who are you coming to? I am I know you're not me in that attitude. "

" You're tired of something because of your face, so either tell me or not. "Jack continued.

Despite her denial, Jack put pressure again: "You're talking. You should just tell me. You're enjoying dancing. Wasn't it? "

" Are you really worried about me and the gems? "As Page replied, he asked:" Isn't that exactly great? Others? Maybe it was a girl. "

" Didn't you see what Gem did to me, and what I did to Gem? It's like we kiss your cheeks I kept it, "Jack protected himself.

Page joked: "Well, maybe that was enough," he told her "f ** koff" before the sports star jumped off the steering wheel.

"You are pathetic," he told her, looking down at her. "I don't know why there's a problem."

Fans rushed to Twitter, complaining about Jack's actions, calling Jack "manipulative," and calling Page a "gaslight." Blame.

"Jack has Page right where he wants it. The operation fake" opens "and knocks down her self-confidence," one smoked.