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MAFS UK star looks unrecognisable five years ago before amazing body transformation

MARRIED At First Sight UK star has been spotted looking unrecognisable five years ago before their body transformation.

Duka Cav wowed fans of the E4 dating show when he married Whitney Hughes - thanks to his good looks and muscular body.

However, the MAFS UK star revealed he hasn't always looked this way - as he was seen looking unrecognisable five years ago.

In an unearthed YouTube clip of Duka, 31, he could be heard joking to his fans that "he got fat" and "lost all his gains" from the gym.

Looking rounder in the face - and noticeably younger - Duka told his YouTube followers: "As you can tell, I have lost all my gains."

Showing off photos of his old muscular body, he added: "I've gone from a shredded aesthetic specimen of a man to my, um, well - yes."

Duka posed for the camera in just a pair of boxers as he showed off his physique, with a rounder stomach and less muscular arms.

"As the reason why I stopped training three years ago as with my genetics, I'd achieved all that was possible for me," he continued.

The star looked worlds away from his current muscular look - with six-pack abs and beefed out back muscles.

Duka previously showed off his impressive body on Instagram as he told his fans he had "achieved his target" with his fitness.

It comes after Duka was left single when his wife Whitney, 31, cheated on him and decided she wanted to partner up with Matt Murray on Married At First Sight UK.

Sparks flew for Matt and Whitney on Monday's episode of MAFS, after they both told the other couples about their true feelings.

Whitney confessed her interest in Matt while on a day out with the girls, leaving his wife Gemma Rose and hubby Duka heartbroken.

After requesting to stay on in the show together, Matt and Whitney were grantred their request to become a new couple - much to the fury of the show's fans.

They flooded Twitter with their disapproval after the episode aired.

One Tweeted: "After the decision to let Matt and Whitney stay in the ‘experiment’ I’ll not be watching MAFS UK any more. Unacceptable."

Another said: "Whitney and Matt should have NOT been allowed to continue their relation on screen! They disrespected the process and the experts, they don’t deserve it!"

A third said: "What the UK 'experts' should have done is follow the example of the Australian experts and kicked Matt and Whitney out."

Whitney and Duka's marriage didn't get off to the best of starts after she was slammed for "mocking" his name during the big day and a huge bust-up on their honeymoon.