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26-year-old man dies after years of illness 'caused by football tackle on playground' at age 8

Died at the age of 26Crohn's diseaseAdolescentfamily, his debilitating illness is an unfortunate football effort at school I believe it started from. 8.

Connor Horton, who lived in Rock near Kidderminster, Worcestershire, died in June after living in this state for 18 years.

Connor's brother Jay Shredder 28 said Connor's condition was a very serious case that ruined most of his life.

"He was always ill, lacking energy, and eventually dropped out of college, so he missed the right childhood," he told Birmingham Mail.

Currently, there is no cure for Crohn's disease and little is known about its cause, but Jay and his family say they started with a football effort when Connor was eight years old. believe.

Connor , Forced to live much of his life in his bedroom for the following reasons: Debilitated(


Birmingham Mail)

He states: He had a pretty terrible effort at an elementary school playing soccer. His knees burned badly, he became more and more ill, and never got better after that.

"Doctors couldn't determine what was wrong. They eventually diagnosed Crohn's disease. They don't know the cause of Crohn's disease, but it requires a j-trigger. I think it was the tackle that triggered something in Connor's body.

"Doctors have never encountered anything like Connor's side effects and experts want to meet him. I flew from the United States. If I was lucky, only once every 60 days was a good day for him. "

Tour with metal performances, including Matt,Worcestershire Soram of Jagans and Roses and Ricky Warwick of Singh Rigi, musicians, engineers and music producers of, recall: Worse, he didn't laugh too much. It changed his look and he didn't want to take a picture. Connor felt very defeated in his life.

Connor and Jay as a child before Connor got sick(


Birmingham Mail)

Crohn's disease causes swelling of digestive tissues, causing abdominal pain, severe diarrhea, weight loss, and life-threatening It can cause complications. The

NHSwebsite explains that certain factors may be involved in the disease. Attacks the digestive system.

Connor was a student at Avery Elementary School and Chantry School in Martley, but he later suffered from this condition. He always needed a toilet and had unusual side effects such as a large swelling under his arm that needed drainage.

He was 18 years old and was treated at theBirmingham Children's Hospitaluntil his mother, Rosie Houghton, became a caregiver. His death on June 24 was due to pneumonia and complications associated with the disease.

"For 10 days before he died, he was tied up in bed and didn't talk or walk," Jay said. "But he sent me a joke onFacebookat midnight about our mom's cooking.

" He said he felt better. But he died two days later. That was the last time I talked to him. "

I am relieved. Connor was drawn as a child and found happiness online (



After Connor died, his family learned of the secret world in which his brother lives online. Hearing about friendship Connor, formed internationally within the gaming community, reassured his brother that he found happiness in spite of his despair in his condition.

Connor, forced to live from the bedroom, was found to have helped people suffering from depression. Online, we even talked about how Connor sent a positive board when Connor was in the worst of decline. "When he was alive, he was all private about it, but I had some great conversations with absolute people y loved and cared for him from Norway to Manchester."

Jay uses the money raised after Connor's death on the GoFundMe pageto raise public awareness of Crohn's disease and create a charity to help families and patients. It has been established. He plans to release more news when it is organized and hopes to hold a public memorial service for Connor.

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