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Man brutally attacked by teenagers who can't renew marriage vows because they can't say 'I do'

When Annie and Alan Wilson got married, they promised each other one thing. That was to renew the vows after 10 years.

Their 10th anniversary was last month. Shortly after a thug was convicted of the attack that changed everything.

"We can't," said Annie. "Because Alan can't say 'do it.'"

Alan nodded, looked at his wife with a sad expression, and shrugged.

Married life is very different now.

Annie painted the baseboards and doors dark to make them easier for Alan to deal with. This is because bright colors are difficult for nerve injury victims to cope with.

Annie and Alan before attack (


Annie Wilson)

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Annie Wilson)

She took his bath and remind him that he may be needed at times. toilet, and she walks behind him as he slowly climbs upstairs. It should be noted - usually go back to bed before smoking.

"He's been up and sleeping all day," said Annie. "He is very tired and in bed by 9:30 p.m.."

Annie admits that her life has changed dramatically, and she is now very quiet and devoted to taking care of her husband.

Wedding Day Couple (


His condition never improved, and Annie vowed to stand by his side forever.

Age 47 Alan suffered permanent brain damage after being attacked by brothers Archie, 16, George Tilly, 14, and Harry Furlong, 18, while trying to protect a boy on Easter Sunday last year. is receiving she is being bullied

Harron was sentenced to 20 months in prison on 30 June, half of which was to be taken into custody, but could instead be released at the end of the month.

Alan is in the hospital

Alan's wife wants to meet and talk to Harry Furlong (


Sussex Police)

Annie Wilson, 51, confided in Miller her determination to sit face-to-face with Furlong.

Alan requires permanent care and cannot speak, sign, or play with children.

West He is devastated after rushing to protect his 11-year-old boy from being bullied by a notorious local thug when he is raided over a line of Frisbees in a park in Worthing, Sussex. suffered a severe brain injury.

George Tilley (


Sussex Police)
Archie Tilly (


Sussex Police)

Harron admitted in court to punching Alan in the face. ground.

Mr. and Mrs. Tilley were found guilty of willfully causing serious bodily harm, and Furlong was found guilty of causing serious bodily harm. .

Annie is also calling for a change in the law regarding such serious crimes committed by young people.

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