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Manchester United have signed more than 30 players for over £10m since Fergie – none made it and only two turned a profit

With transfer market reeling as Manchester United set out to sign troublemakers Adrian Rabiot and Marco Arnatuvic, it's easy to laugh at the farce of The Muppet Show .

Custard He eats some pies and enjoys some of his memes on the internet,How did a financier like Ed Woodward stay in the football world for so long? I wondered why I was left behind as the person responsible for

But it is only when these facts are fully considered that the scale ofUnited's incompetence in the transfer business is truly astonishing.

Between Sir Alex Ferguson's departure in 2013 and the return of Cristiano Ronaldolast summer, United have sold him over £10million. I signed three players, but none of them were there. Real success.

Every major his club has expensive flops. The market is a pool of sharks and no transfers are guaranteed success.

Soccer players are human. understood. A 50% success rate is a very decent number.

But over nine years he is 0 out of 30, which is an anomaly. Even Everton, led by Farhad Mosir, make decent acquisitions every now and then.

United have only benefited from Ferguson's two post-departure acquisitions, Dalyblind and Dunn's James, but both have won glory at Old Trafford. is not.

Take a look at United's list of recruits and try to argue that any of them are ineligible, worthy hits.

Bruno Fernandes seemed like the man to buck this long-standing trend when the Portuguese arrived in January 2020.

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But after an almost glorious 18 months, his form last year During the season, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer fell off a cliff during the death throes of his reign and has not recovered.

Others had their moments. Romelu Lukakuwas the goal-scoring cult his hero.

A world record for a defender Even though he was rewarded with £80 million,Harry Maguire got off to a good start, but the captain saw a long line of players dragged out. Sink into the swamp of mediocrity that has become the latest in.

United fans sang ironically about the British press mocking Anthony Martial for his £50 million transfer fee.

In those two years, they haven't sung much, but the Frenchman has scored a total of five goals in his league in the Premier League.

With the ill-fated Woodward leaving the building, there was the assumption, under John Murtaugh and Darren Fletcher, that United might rediscover the semblance of professionalism in the transfer deal.

And while it's too early to judge this summer's recruits Lisandro Martinez, Christian Eriksen and Tyrrell Marathia, the bid for French midfielder Rabiot and the 33-year-old 's unsuccessful attempt to acquire Arnautovic seems more of a thing. More comical than ever.

The fact that United have dropped interest in Bologna ex-Stoke and West Ham forward, due to fan outrage, simply adds to the 'make it up as you go' aura. 60} Woodward, the nodding dog of the ruling Glazer family, was only a symptom of this problem.

The root cause is always Glazer himself.

Since the departure of the great Scotsman after his eight years of hiding behind Ferguson's genius following the 2005 takeover, Americans have been horribly exposed.

There are many reasons why United fans rebelled against the Glazers. Leveraged takeovers, debt, dividends, separations and the encroachment of Old His Trafford as a stadium.

But in pure football terms, the post-2013 transfer list does more damage than anything else.

United is the biggest trophy-winning football his club ever.

Had they continued to do so, most of their fan base would have overlooked the remaining issues. There may be.

Mine was Alexis Sanchez - United apparently 'hijacked' his move from Arsenal to Manchester City before the victorious Chilean played on the pitch at Old Trafford. After releasing a video of him playing the concert piano, he scored three goals in 32 league games.

Alternatively, there is the persistent mystery that he spent £50 million on Fred and Marouane Fellaini. His very presence at United led to his sudden and sudden death in the post-Fergie years.

Several promising youngsters were acquired, but only retreated - Jadon Sancho, Aaron Wan-Bissaka, Memphis Depay, James, Donny Van de Beek - aka Van de Bench - is among them.

There was also a strange addiction to signing aging forwards such as Zlatan Ibrahimovok, Edinson Cavani, Ronaldo and Radamel Falcao.

But the craziest must have been Paul Pogba's boomerang from Manchester to Turin - a free move to Juventus, a world-record £89million to United, a club-to-club payoff. Another free return to Juve after six wasted years. player.

And now United are ready to pay the unreliable Rabiot his £15 million.

Juventus seem to have seen United's Magpunter coming. .

Looking at that bloody great list, it's clear they were hard to miss.